Friday, July 1, 2016


So, what actually is the real thing. The killings in the name of religion, the execution of laws in the name of justice, or just simple every day according to mores, norms and culture. What actually is right?

To 52% of the Brits, Brexit is about preserving their way of life. To the remaining 48%, the 52% are stupid. Then those who claim that others who are not of the same faith as them are infidels. Yet to those labelled as such, those who label them are infidels too. In a patriarchal society, the men are the heads of the nuclear units, yet to a few matriarchal societies, the males pay inconsequential roles. So, who is right?

In the Bible, there is this story of the Israelites who asked God to give them a king. God told them that they'd be tied to his will. Now up to that point, the Israelites had only the priests to lead them. It was the time of prophet Samuel. He had grown old and his sons who had taken over from him did not follow his ways. And so the people demanded for a king so that they could be like the others and lead them and go out before them and fight their battles. So, Samuel went to God. He was told to tell the Israelites that the king who reign over the Israelites will claim them as his rights: their sons and daughters will serve the kind. They have to give the best of their produce to the king. They will have to give the king their flock and they themselves will be slaves to the king. And there will come a time when the people will cry out for relief from the king they have chosen, but God will not answer them in that day.

So, did the people listen? Nope! They insisted on a king... to lead them and to go out before them and fight their battles.

Interesting isn't it? We all want someone to fight our battles, do things for us. In other words, settle things for us. We want someone to hold the fort for us while we go out and work. I think if you look long and hard enough, you will find that everywhere.

The Israelites had the priests to lead them. But like the kings too, these priests were human. Today, we have kings and clergy. And because both feel that they are mandated, one by the people, the other by the heavens, they dictate. Their will, their perspectives rule.

A flock needs its shepherd so they say, a country needs a king or a president, a company needs its CEO, a damsel in distress needs to be rescued, a woman needs a man to protect her... the list goes on. But at the end of this very short list only two things stand out. One takes and one has to give.

Equality.... probably not. Balance perhaps???

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