Friday, January 5, 2018


Time flies... that's when days are filled with things to do. 24 hours feel rather short now but some day, I guess 24 hours in a day will feel long. When they are things to do, time is always short. When there is nothing to do, the tick tock of the seconds reverberates and keeps reverberating, leaving echoes that keep will keep bouncing back, I supposed.

Seasons come and seasons go. When I was still a wee kid, I always thought that being a grown up is such a long way still. Then the secondary school days came, followed by university... and then the wheels just kept turning, and turning. And before long, I am now back at that point when I was just a wee little kid thinking about how far adulthood was. That was the point too when my parents were busy with so many things cos they had so many mouths to feed. 

Busy... everyone is so busy these days. Whatever little community life that remains is almost gone too. What used to be time which we looked forward to small chats with our neighbours or friends are so scant these days. And that little time is now sold to the small screens that never seem to cease entertaining, connecting, occupying our lives... so connected yet so disconnected to everything real at the same time. 

In my lifetime, I have seen how how homes were invaded by the telephones only to leave it. The telephone is now replaced by one which is no more tied to that little desk or corner of the house. And there is no longer just one phone in a house these days. Phones outnumber occupants very often these days. 

Cars... used to be mostly one car one household when I was a kid. 2 cars are the norm these days but anything more than 2 is not unusual too. But who knows, perhaps I will also see this four wheel mechanical transport ease out of our lives too only to be replaced by something that can be summoned from a common pool. 

The one thing that I have learned is when you are a kid, you tend to think that everything you knew would remain the way they were. They don't. Lots of things are fluid. Life itself is fluid, I guess. 

Another year, another attempt at reviving this blog. Somehow, it goes back to time again. There just doesn't seem to be enough of them for now.

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