Sunday, May 6, 2012

Renewing A Pledge....

Some of us fall in love, get married.... and as the years go by, forget to remain in love. The harried lives we lead, the struggles to build a life and then the chase for our dreams. They sometimes deride the stuff in life that actually mean the most.

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So, once in a while it's good to renew that pledge, made so long ago. The church that we're currently attending had a sermon on marriage yesterday. And it was rather nice that the Pastor incorporated this part of renewing our marriage pledge to each other. Families are important. They are the nucleus to a strong society. And strong marriages are important. The couples in the church were invited to renew their pledges to each other again, a pledge built on the one made years ago. It built on what was and the hope of what it could be, the hope shared by two lives who came together on their wedding day.

Focus on family. I think most of us do try to focus on our families. But I think modern living has placed a certain demand that very often eats into the family life and blurs our focus. It's very easy to get caught up with our own lives. Two lives, two careers, two focuses.... ours, yours, mine. Thus two people can become strangers. In many marriages, it becomes most apparent after the kids leave home. In the busyness of raising a family and chasing careers, they forget to nurture their own relationship.

So it was actually nice for the marriage institution to be acknowledged, recognized and remembered. This, in an age where there is a slew of demands for acceptance of the LGBT issues. Where once marriage used to be for life, these days divorce rates are on the rise. And where marriage used to mean a union of male and female, these days it can mean a union of the same sex. Where kids used to grow up in a family where mom and dad are the pivotal figures. These days with mom busy working, the maid has taken over. Teachers become babysitters. Grandparents become parents.

I wasn't feeling too well, with the onset of the flu, but it was heartwarming for both of us to pledge our commitment again after more than 20 years. For me, marriage has always been for keeps. Most, if not all of us go into our marriages on a high. But often times the high loses steam. So, it's good to be reminded and to recapture that wonderful, magical moment again. It creates a magical point further down the point.

Marriage, they say is a bed of roses. Yup! But we often forget, with the thorns too, if I might add. Roses come with thorns. I think Other Half and I have had our share of ups and downs though I think we had more ups than downs, weathered through tough times and sailed through good moments together. We've had arguments and laughter, shared loads of stuff and times together but we're still one. I count myself blessed. Other Half has been more than good for me. I'd like to think that I've become a better person because of him too.

Marriage takes a lot of work, commitment and sacrifice. It's a union of 2 imperfect people with plenty of flaws. So to be able to make this far, it's indeed by God's grace. Renewing a pledge.... we're served with a reminder to keep that pledge, be faithful and true to each other....


PreciousPearl said...

congrats! congrats! more than 20 yrs together ....if marriage is a bed of roses AND thorns, i suppose the secret is to find the roses more often and avoid sitting too much on the thorns :-D

AJ7 said...

Yah! Yah! You've got it right.... Find the roses more than the thorns... Thanks. The Capt and you will be getting there soon too.... 8)


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