Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Demi Agama And So On, So Forth....

How often have we heard this? For country, God, family, etc, etc. Only that lately, I feel that many of these have become mere tools for us to advance ourselves. Ancient history regales the role of the God-King. Somehow, the man who became king always became the mouthpiece of God because his ears seemed to be able to tune into this special frequency, the chosen frequency.... audio highway to to the furthest reaches beyond the comprehensible. This is instrumental in sealing his position as ruler of his people. After all, if God is for him, who then can be against him. And always, great sacrifice would be required of the people, to appease the gods. The God-King became the High Priest. Sacrifices of humans, animals, harvest, first fruits, they were part of the rituals which reflected the power shifts. And the mortal God-King became empowered, revered.

The mortality of life ensures a degree of unknowns in life. Life can be taken away in a second. Sometimes, I think this unknown creates in us a mix of fear, awe, humility to tamper the arrogance and pride which are so natural to us. And it is also this unknown, perhaps which reminds us of the Creator - the need to rely on something, someone. And I think those are understand this well enough understands too that this can be manipulated to their advantage.

Invoke the name of God, and we can stir people to rise up. Romanticize the lure of afterlife and people willingly give up their lives. Hide behind the authority of God and we get to dictate how lives are run. Use the Word of God and we can give a reason for everything. We call on the name of God for many reasons. But the funny thing is we cannot seem to agree which God is real. Every monotheistic faith claims their God is the true one. And the world has been at loggerheads over this 'yours' and 'mine', to the point of mortal combat and death.

And within the same faith, the same kind of turmoil. We seem be numbed to dumbness sometimes, even when our leaders lead lives which are questionable. A speaker I heard recently commented on a scandal involving a church, that there hasn't been an apology issued. The best and most expensive legal mind have in fact been employed to fight the case in court.... the best that money can buy. Faith that God will see the righteous through???? I guess that's only true for followers... leaders hsve different set of rules.

I think God does not need us to defend Him. Yet we are at arms doing that. At church, in selecting musicians for worship sessions, we select those we think are good enough and leave out those whom we deem not ready. Somehow, the story of Cain and Abel seems to have been conveniently forgotten here. In choosing leaders we look for willing people.... Everyone will give you reasons why. Have we forgotten the reluctant leader in Moses? In choosing people to head various ministries, we look for people whom we think have talents. Have we forgotten Jesus' disciples? We choose the best and brightest because we think there is not much value in the rest.

I came across this in one of the FB postings. Interesting, huh, how an ulama can issue fatwas just like that. Read in between the lines and you realize that we're all taken for suckers. And is this thing really one of those 'demi agama' sentiments? Or this is one of those ploys that plays on the emotions to ensure that the divide between us and them continue to exist. God of love or God of division? A God who sows compassion or one of hatred? And on the same page, Mano's apology.... Not accepted! Gosh! God of forgiveness or God of vindictiveness???
God and politics... When certain men believe they are the divine mouthpieces, havoc!!!! Perhaps halal certification is also required for political parties. Religion for man or God, I wonder????
Might as well just focus on Azizulhani's effort right at the top of the paper! At least that one... It's not hard to feel his disappointment cos that one truly shouldered all our aspirations! A medal at the Olympics!

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