Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cafe La France

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Jalan Irrawadi is a place right in the heart of Georgetown, where many of the post war houses there have been turned into dining places. It was lunch time when we got there but the weather was really nice, cloudy with a bit of sun. The big trees gave shade and made the place really nice. Many of the restaurants were closed when we got there. But this was our destination... Cafe La France.
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This place is run by a couple, husband is French and wife is Chinese, it is supposed to serve French food. This was Other Half's order of Croissant Yoghurt Chicken. He says it's quite nice. The croissant is buttery and moist.

Our gal's Streaky Bacon Carbonara. It looks plain and simple. She was quite grumpy at first but after her first dig into it, she was enjoying every bit of it. She cleaned every bit of morsel or strand in her plate. I guess that was indication enough of pleasure in her food.
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My Aglio Olio. Simple but fragrant with garlic and herbs. The slightly sourish tomatoes gave it a different taste, sort of like a burst of flavours whenever you bite into one. I enjoyed this quite a bit.
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Crepe Compote (banana and apple) with cream and generous shakes of icing sugar (I think). This is another form of pancake. Crepes are popular in France. It's supposed to be considered a national dish. Originally buckwheat was used because people were poorer but was soon replaced with wheat as people became wealthier.
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Another order or crepe... Crepe Suzette. Desserts with a sauce of caramelised sugar and butter. The ice cream goes really well. Warm crepe taken with ice cream tantalises the taste buds, I feel. Suffice to say, the last few pieces found their way to our gal's stomach.
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Lunch and dinner have separate menus. Food is good and price is reasonable and the 'ambience' is nice. We sat outside as the weather was quite okay. Sitting there, it was quite nice to see people ambling past the restaurant. An occasional car and motorbike would go past too. It's actually fun, outside dining when the day is not too hot, with plenty of big trees around too.

Jalan Irrawadi, Jalan Burma... the names themselves imply the melting pot that Penang was and still is. Once upon a time, not too long ago, ships from all over used to stop by and along with them came nationalities of all sorts together with the cargo in their holds. Names of roads tell us our legacy too. When we remove those names, it is also an attempt to wipe out that legacy.... and at some point not too long ago, many old roads lost their names.

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