Friday, April 5, 2013

Any Similarity For Men???

Do men make it to the news on such issues???

Honour killing.... An abused wife who was forced into marriage tried to run away. She ran away with another man. Her brother tracked her down to the border and hacked her with an axe! Killed the guy whom she ran away. She was 12 when she was forced into marriage a 60 year old man. He beat her every day. She survived even though part of her brain was hanging out when they found her in a pool of blood.

Women needs permission to cycle... I think it's hard for most of us to imagine that such a simple activity requires permission. But apparently, that's the case in Saudi Arabia. And the women recently just won rights to cycle.

Urinals... Toilets are sexists too! This is a top notch university. Obviously they weren't thinking of women studying there. But this article is more about the challenges facing women in the business world, how their career advancement is still impeded in this man's world.

Ah! Women have fundamental roles to play in the church. Sometimes I wonder... I think all 3 monotheistic religions say women cannot lead. Yet we see women making strides in many fields now. Funny too.. I read somewhere that a couple is more likely to divorce if the wife makes more than her husband... And a working woman puts in way more hours into the housework too compared to the husband. 'Fundamental' roles.....

Syria's Rape Crisis... As in any crisis, women often bear more of the brunt. History has an extensive record... the Holocaust, Rwanda, Bosnia and now Syria...a country which once proudly claimed Arab dignity and honour. And now it seems majority of the rape perpetrators are government troops. Rape is a tool to control, subdue and instill fear...

I sometimes tell my students stories of women's plights in different parts of the world. And I am often amazed how ignorant many of our young are. Many of our girls are not aware of the freedom that they have. Many of our boys do not realize that even simple acts like dating can cause a girl her life in some countries. As a result of the ignorance, many don't realize that extremities, bigotry and fanaticism (often times done in the of religion) can take away the freedom taken for granted.

Women don't start most of the conflicts... but they certainly seem to be bearing the brunt of them. And in the homes too, women seem to shoulder more too. It used to be, men went out and work and brought back the dough while the womenfolk stayed at home and tended to the household stuff. These days, women wear the pants too... but the household stuff generally still remain their domain too, kind of a raw deal actually they're getting.

But some (??) development... Free Abortion and Contraception in France. This is kinda touchy and sensitive.. cos I am not too comfortable about ending a life.

Also, dig this... Apparently too women have better decision making abilities than men according to this study. We've often been told that being temperamental makes women unreliable as leaders and decision makers, one reason why women are not suited as leaders.... Wonder too whether perception is at work here or under siege???

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