Friday, June 6, 2014


Was home visiting my parents and took the kids to the seaside. There were children playing with the bubbles and we bought for the girls too. It was nice just watching the bubbles being made. The bubbles came out in different hues of colours. It's quite amazing to see transparent bubbles with their own colours.

They come out in different sizes too. Some would be really tiny. They were the ones which would head the pack. Then there were those who were bigger. They lumbered along, some of them never quite managing to take off. Yet there were others who seemed to float around with great ease. An occasional one or two would float right up to the branches and meet their end there. Some would skirt the surface of the water and bounce up and down a few times before ending up in a spray of soapy liquid. Yet a few would float away on their own as if pulling away while the rest bobbed in a group.... but every single one of them would burst finally.

Then there were bubbles which seemed to have thicker walls. They were not the lightest but they seemed to float the furthest generally. The lightest ones would rush to the forefront and disappear just as quickly.

I dipped the stick into the bubble liquid and found out that I could roll those around and bounce them off my stick. I could even knock a few of them together and got them to kinda stick together.
Bubbles.... many thoughts came to mind as I watched them being made and then burst....

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