Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Apple IOS Or Microsoft Windows

Windows 8 have just been unveiled... And reviews I have read says that post PC era is way from over cos apparently this new Windows have abilities of tablet and PC computing put together. Basically, for people like me, it simply means that I can have the mobility and versatility of the tablet and do stuff like photo editing on the same gadget. And that would be the most ideal. For all that I like about my iPad, it is still a dumbed down version of the computer which meets most of my daily needs but occasionally does not. So the new Windows sounds quite interesting.

Anyway, this is not a tech review. I have not been a (serious) PC user for the last few years, having migrated to Mac. I do carry a Netbook to work occasionally though. But I like my Mac. However, PC or Mac, I realized this. It's not just how superior the hardwares are in these machines. It's the operating system that powers the machines which makes all the difference. You can have the best hardware but if the OS is not up to par, it will still flop. There are many gadgets which went that way because their OS or content failed them. It's vice versa too.

Take a look around us. In Alor Setar, many things are not well maintained. Rubbish collection is not as good as before. Somewhere along the timeline, there was a change of operator and it has been on the decline since then. Rubbish collection is not so regular and the current operator leaves all these big bins everywhere which are eyesores as well as a place for the strays to congregate. The areas where the bins are located are smelly and unkempt as a result. The operator must have thought it easy for them to create a central location to throw rubbish, unwittingly psyching people to dump rubbish at that particular location. So despite having all the modern equipment, work is still not good. We have an operator in need of upgrades.

Schools, religious institutions, governments... It's the same. We read about brain drain in our country. Those brains are likened to the operating systems. We 'chase' away our best and brightest via preferential policies. In education, we dumb down students by making everything easier. We do not promote the best people for the job. Racial politics has seen to it that double standards remain. We create distinct separation lines by insisting that one race has more rights than others. Talent, the operating system, that powers a country is clipped. The same too is found in religious institutions. We give credence to those who say the things even one with no religious affiliation will find difficulty in comprehending. Often, we prefer to install an inferior OS not quite able to get the best out of the hardware. And that's happening everywhere.

Looking back into history at how the church was used to consolidate the powers of the kings, there is similarity too. Power is difficult to hold on to. But give it a religious tone, fear takes root. After all, the need to choose between heaven and hell makes it quite obvious that religion can be made a powerful tool to subjugate a population. The early rulers knew this too. Hence, history is filled with accounts how each ruler laid legitimacy to their throne via they being the sons of the gods. And this too compromised the operating system..... But I guess too that one could argue that the King is like the CPU needed to direct all the components to work....LOL! There are always two sides to a coin....

But a good operating system is essential for the forward drive, in any institution for anything. So Apple IOS Or Mac, in the end consumers would still go for the better one. For now, Apple has successfully incorporated form and substance and it's a winning formula. Who knows? Maybe Microsoft will be able to pull this from under them with their latest offering.

The OS that makes us? Aptitude and the rest of the long list called attitude.

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