Thursday, September 8, 2011

One iPad App for 2Es

Education and entertainment... 2 integral areas in our life. And this latest app that I've tried out caters to both.


This app is worth a second look...TagDiskHD. I am using the Lite version... cos it's free. Am always thankful that the developers offer 2 versions. Have tried it out and liked what I could download with it and may just buy the full version.

Tag Disk

What is good for? Downloading media files to be played on your iPad. It is able to download YouTube files into your iPad for offline viewing. For people like me who still have a relatively slow line at home, this is good. There are many video clips on YouTube which have good educational content and also good old movies. But I hardly watch them cos I need to be online to watch. Now with this, I can just paste the URL into TagDiskHD and download it for offline viewing later. And because the current IOS can multitask, it'll download while you do other stuff. Should you go offline while downloading, the app will seamlessly continue the download later. So, I've been able to download wherever there is wifi connection.


That on its own should be good enough but with sites like Open Culture which contains list of old worthwhile watch of old movies and good educational recommendations, TagDiskHD is very handy to have. I downloaded Animal Farm by George Orwell, the 1954 animated version. It was the first British animated film to be released worldwide. I am actually reading the book again now... though it has taken me ages to finish only half of it at the moment. Too many distractions and commitments at the moment. I think I have read the book before but this time around, it gives a totally different insight.

There are hundreds of old movies which can be downloaded from the site. But some have geographical block; only for the US. The Science section contains an archive of really interesting videos. I downloaded some on impulse and found one to be immensely interesting. The site also recommends other sites with lists of downloadable watchable stuff.

I shall be trying this out with other downloads. I think my kids will be downloading Mind Your Language from YouTube once I tell them.


SM Ting said...

thanks...i love it!!! m experimenting and playing around with it. Get lots of ideas from you...hahaha my Apple Guru!

AJ7 said...

Glad you found it fun... 8)


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