Friday, September 21, 2012

Foos Steakhouse

Been a busy week. Went back home with sis. Helped son with his stuff (what wouldn't a mother do for her children) and the best thing is - I've just finished 2 hours of World History lecture on Coursera. And it was most fascinating, made even more so cos I could replay the parts I missed. Truly enjoyed it so much. World history has never been more interesting... 

Anyway, this is about our food outing at home...
This steakhouse is in Sitiawan. Of late, whenever we go home, we try to bring our parents for such little treats cos we realised that they actually enjoy such food. When I was growing up, my parents would tell us they didn't like a lot of stuff. Turns out, they denied themselves what they could not afford on us. Our parents belong to that thrifty generation where every sen is made to count. Theirs was a generation brought up on hard toiling. And money was always squirreled away for our education.

Mom-in-law mentioned that some of her friends had gone to this place. And I think she wanted to have another go at steaks since her last (which was her first) steak foray in KL. Her nephew had brought her to try.

Anyway, Foos Steakhouse is located right at the junction to TESCO, on the opposite side. You can't miss it if you are coming from the north. The place was quite empty when we walked in. But judging from the well-stocked bar, I think it's quite a popular drinking hole.

When the menu was given to us, I was surprised with the choice available in it. One will be spoilt for choice actually. And so we ordered....

This was the highlight of the day. Wagyu Kobe beef. At RM1.50 per gram (yup! per gram) this serving cost RM300! Mom-in-law's eyes must have nearly popped out, I imagine but she kept it well under the lid. For many of her generation, I think they'd think this is not worth it cos you can get an eight course Chinese dinner for 10 people - and very good food some more, for the same amount. But we thought it would be good experience for her. And so we ordered without much thought. After all, it's Other Half's tab to pick. He did flinch a bit though. LOL!

The beef was not bad. Tender to taste, minus the usual beefy smell. These cows are supposed to be fed on beer and sake. But these aren't imported from Japan cos I read somewhere they ones reared there  almost never make it out of the Japanese market. Anyway, I thought it was a good experience. Come to think of it, a treat like this on our kids would probably not get the same level of happiness. But it's different when it's for our parents. It's a different sort of happiness for them.... and I think that's money well spent.

This was another order that we made. Their bento set. The presentation looked good. I particularly liked their food arrangement and portions were generous.

Their chicken chop. Can't go very wrong with chicken chop. This was daughter's order.

Sandwiches. And they're not bad. Decent amount of everything. To go wrong with sandwich would be very bad for any restaurant, I should think.

And this... the disappointment of the day. I had not taken fresh oysters for some time. So when I saw it on their menu, I was elated. However, the joy was short lived when the oysters came. I knew immediately by their look that they would not taste good as soon as I saw them. They were scrawny oysters. And I was proven right cos it was an almost tasteless experience. The RM7 per piece really added salt to the would. A definitely no-no for repeat orders if I ever to do there again.

Sitiawan has come a long way where food is concerned. I don't know if I can get Wagyu beef here. But our favourite food remains the food we grew up on - kampuan, loo-mien, ko-ru, ko-rau-wu, chap chai... the kind that one gets only in Sitiawan.... But these days we try to do both too.

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