Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lolipot Shabu Shabu Steamboat

This is an all gal makan outing... My gal and I had some time to kill and we were famished. Other Half had to go under the drill of the dentist. So both of us walked around looking for our lunch. For some reasons, our gal seems to have a penchant for shabu shabu. I supposed this has something to do with all kids liking to be able to play masak-masak. And this is better than the masak-masak play cos you get to eat your own masakan. I used to pretend to eat the food that I pretended I had cooked when I was around her age. And when we were actually older, my bros and I actually lighted our makeshift stove (usually some twigs and dried leaves between two bricks) and 'cooked'. 
The place was practically empty when we walked in. I was actually quite hesitant as our last few forays into everything shabu shabu hadn't been exactly nice or worth the money paid. And I almost walked out again after being told that it was RM36 per head. Not worth it for my lil one. But in the end I relented cos I could see that she really would like to have our lunch there....
And so we did... and it turned out to be a pretty good experience. There were plenty of choices. And they tasted okay. There were beef, mutton, pork and chicken. Beef, mutton and port don't come by on the conveyor belt. You have to ask the waiter to bring them for you separately... but you can ask for as many plates as you want. It's buffet after all. I really enjoyed the beef and mutton.

Daughter chose a clear soup base while I opted for tom yam. The meats really tasted good in the tom yam. Don't go for the clear soup, though, unless you cannot tahan spiciness. They had chunks of fish too and they were sweet. Mushrooms, different kinds of vegetables, seafood (no prawns though but they had mantis prawns), fruits swung by on the conveyor belt all the time in threes or fours. Am wondering whether patrons who seat at the end of the line will get to eat the more popular stuff. This is the first time I found myself thinking that perhaps I might go back to the same place for shabu shabu. The meal was nice cos it was a rainy day. Hot soup went down well with the weather... 8)

Lolipot is located at Bay Avenue, next to Queensbay Mall.

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Pow Long Wong said...


i tried the lunch steamboat set but not the dinner. i think i will plan for a dinner steamboat there soon.

Look interesting.


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