Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why Me Sarah Burleton

This is a very short book. Finished it in one sitting. A book about abuse. Sarah Burleton grew up in the Midwest, had a emotionally disturbed mother who abused her by making her rinse her mouth with liquid soap and pulled her hair as forms of punishments. An unwanted child, her mother made sure she is reminded of that through verbal abuses.

The book had me hooked cos I wanted to know how Sarah turned out. I had not read any reviews about it or known of her. It's quite horrible what she had to go through but quite heartening that she came through it. Am sure there were scars but it's heartening to know that people have resilience to emerge from the turmoils of their lives.

Her mother wanted to abort but was made to keep her after a call from the hospital her grandmother answered. She remarried, had another daughter but was unfaithful. She did things like kill a goat with a BB gun, hung a cat to die. Yet at times she seemed to show some tenderness to Sarah. But Sarah left home, finished high school, married and had her own family. She tried to mend things with her mother but didn't work out. In the end she wrote to her mother, severing ties with her.

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