Monday, October 8, 2012

Japanese Cuisine

Alor Setar has another new Japanese makan place!
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Japanese Cuisine - the newest Japanese makan place in Alor Setar. It occupies what used to be Light and Easy Cafe, at Jalan Gangsa. I went on the second day of its opening. The place was just filling up when we arrived at almost 6 p.m.
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Their menu looks and feels impressive.
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But they only sell French Fried... such a pity that this was allowed to happen. We noticed another error at the back of the menu. My expectations went up a notch or two after looking at the menu. The food looks real good on the menu but their labelling wasn't all that great.

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This was Other Half's order - Chicken Teriyaki Set. The chicken was well marinated and tasty. The rice tasted like normal rice. I think they don't use the usual Japanese rice. Miso soup was okay. They had this bamboo shoot to go with the rice and it complimented the rice. Unfortunately, the chawan mushi was rather runny. It would have been nicer had it been firmer.
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Daughter had their Sweet Corn Butter Ramen. I didn't try it but Other Half did and he said it was okay. Our gal liked it.
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My order of Seafood Tempura Set. This was a huge disappointment. The seafood was just prawns. Would have been nice if it had fish and squid. It had the usual tempura vegetables but the batter was really hard. I had a tough time chewing the almost rock-like tempura. This was the most expensive order of the day and it wasn't nice. I've always liked tempura cos they do it really light and crunchy. This one was a chore to eat.
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Endamame... can't go wrong with these. Boil and sprinkle salt.
It's nice to have another Japanese outlet here. By the way, Green Tea is RM0.60 with free refill. Recently Kaede Restaurant (the other Japanese Restaurant) started charging green tea by the cup. Food is still better there, though. I hear that a well known Japanese Restaurant franchise will be opening at Alor Setar Mall soon. Am looking forward to that.


Emily said...

Which Japanese restaurant opening in A/S Mall?

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I always welcome a Japanese meal for a change. It got to be done close to the cuisine and not ' Malaysianised'!!

AJ7 said...

Rumours say Sushi King. Am hoping for Sakae Sushi.

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