Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back In Time ...

Back In Time 1

This is my 3rd ebook app this year. I decided to give this a try after reading because of the good reviews I read about it. And after going through it for the past 2 weeks, I agree with the reviews. I like the idea of the 24-hour time frame analogy used in this app to represent the history of our universe; from the beginning till present day. And it helps a great deal also that the illustrations are beautiful and vivid.

Being an app also means you find multimedia elements, which enhances the presentation. They are not very detailed but sufficient enough to paint a clear picture. One can always google up more details. But before that, having the big picture helps.

Back In Time 2

In short, what I like most is the perspective presented by the app. I have always liked the use of timeline to give the bigger picture of everything, if possible. I believe that in understanding our position in the bigger picture it helps us understand things better and be better learners. When we learn things on a standalone basis without taking in the bigger picture, it's sometimes hard to see its relevance to our lives or even make sense of it. The bigger picture is usually hard to see but the makers of this app manage to do it in a way that even my primary school going kid could understand... with some help, of course.

Back In Time 3

The timeline in this app is cool. There is this black hole which you can push the topics that you are done into... in a way it represents the theory that one day, everything around us will be sucked into the black hole when our world begins to collapse.... the end of times.

The journey back in time begins with The Big Bang. The explanation is simple enough, the expansion of energy from that one point... And the makers chose the events which they felt were defining moments of our vast universe. It's a good job done considering our limited understanding of our universe. This beats a paper and print book cos you get to move the timeline and see the progress of time.

Back In Time 4

Another book under my belt. This year, my book review has gone onto another platform. I used to think that digital books would never replace the paper and print book that I grew up with. The demise of the latter is unavoidable as I can see it. We are in a transitional stage now, I feel.

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