Monday, October 10, 2011


Words said, words not said... people get hurt from both, either from too much or not enough. Yet we cannot live without words. When our elder kid said his first words, it was a happy occasion. We couldn't wait to hear him spew out more words. A baby's words or babble make the heart soar. Yet that same mouth, 15 years down the road will be a source of anguish, bewilderment, amazement (of how much things can change over time) and so much more.

Words said... damage comes from words said. Harsh words wound the soul, sharp ones slice through the heart, incessant bugging irritates, nagging ones agitates.

Words not said... hurt comes from those not said. An explanation, a word of encouragement, a word of praise, a word of apology, a word of comfort, a word of love, a word of compassion... they gladden the heart, heal the wounds, lift the spirit. When not said, none of these have the chance to take root.

Words repeated, words reported... they sometimes take on a life of the reporter. Words not said become words said through the mouth of the one who reports and it becomes misinformation, a reason for discord. Funny, isn't it? Words... beautiful and ugly at the same time. We cannot escape it because words is life.

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