Sunday, October 30, 2011

Azuma Japanese Restaurant

A short trip with the intention of going to the PC fair but tak jadi in the end cos there wasn't anything we wanted to get from there. So, we detoured to Queensbay for a short shopping trip and ended up for brunch here.

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We were early and while away the waiting time, window shopping; something which I have not done for a couple of months. We were among the first customers when they opened for business.


And the first thing I noticed was the sushi conveyor belt. Other Half and our gal were looking out for this, mochi, which has now also become a favourite of our gal. I usually give them a miss. Mochi is actually similar to our tangyuan.


This is also from the conveyor belt. Generally, the sushi bar's offering is better than Sakae Sushi or Sushi King.

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I am a gindara fan and I ordered their Gindara Teriyaki set. And it's one of the better Gindara Teriyaki sets that I've had. The cod fish was lemak and cooked to the right texture. The teriyaki sauce did not overwhelm the fish. Overall, it was a nice blend of natural cod taste and the sauce. Went very well with the rice. Another thing I liked about the set was their chawanmushi. The texture was soft like good tau-huey. 8)

Gyu Tenderlion Kushi Yaki

We tried a few orders from their menu. This is their Gyu Tenderlion Kushi Yaki, basically beef, mushroom and some capsicum grilled on skewers. Beef was very tender and succulent.

Tsukune Kushi Yaki

Tsukune Kushi Yaki... Tsukune is chicken meatball. Yaki means grilled. Kushi means skewer. So Skewered Chicken Meat Balls. Nice...

Shitake Butter Yaki

And the Shitake Butter Yaki which was very yummy. The mushroom soaked in the sauce and gave it a really nice buttery taste.

Hotate Chahan

Hotate chahan... sounds exquisite but hotate is scallop. Chahan is fried rice. So basically, this is scallop fried rice. It's nice but not something that most of us can't cook up ourselves. For such small bowl at RM10, you might want to spend it trying something else.

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Overall, the food is quite nice.


Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ7, the morsels look new compared to others offered on the conveyir belt. Mochi is always my weakness. Tried very soft and nutty ones in Taiwan. Will check out this place. Btw what was the damage? Not a limb I hope. Any senior discounts ? ke ke ke. (This is the only senior occasion I rise to. Discount or else I try not to admit my seniority but not for long it is showing up fast and wide! Sad!)

AJ7 said...

Not quite a limb... just slightly more than the usual Japanese restaurants. Discount? Don't think so... Conveyor belt stuff at this place seemed better than the other outlets that I've been, btw. I enjoyed their shishamo or forever pregnant fish very much though.

PreciousPearl said...

u know that stuff looks so much nicer than what we get in the sushi restaurants here :(

AJ7 said...

Then your next trip home, let's try to meet up and I take you out for makan...

PreciousPearl said...

thank you, very kind & generous of you.
just a shame we couldn't organise to meet up in August :(

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