Wednesday, November 2, 2011


November is here... the term is coming to a close. Have not been blogging as much lately because I am preoccupied. Will be blogging about that preoccupation soon.

But last Saturday, we squeezed in some time to go shopping. It's been a while since I went shopping like this; have time to amble down the aisles and take my own time to check out things. My friend says going shopping with me is a whirlwind affair. In part, it's because whenever I do go shopping it's mostly for essentials and have limited time. I find myself wishing for more hours in a day. Wishful, of course.

Lemon Balm

But we got this at Jusco. Lemon balm herb.... We got this small pot and have replanted it, hopping that it would propagate.... 8) We still have not given up on trying to plant some of our food. Out in the garden, my salad is growing, and cucumbers too. And of course, I still have my faithful long beans.

Then we went to ACE Hardware, which of late has been one of our favorite haunting places at Queensbay; for a simple reason. It is possible to get stuff which we normally don't find in our local hardware shops... like natural oils to preserve your wooden furniture.

Clorox Ready Mop

What got me a little more excited than usual was this..... A disposable wet wipe... which squirts out the floor cleaner liquid. LOL! Been thinking of such a contraption. I rarely use the broom to sweep the floor in the house these days. Ever since we got the robot vacuum, I've realized that sweeping basically doesn't clean the house much. The fine dust gets stirred up and floats around till the air stills and then settles down on everything. You will be worse off than before you began.

Clorox Ready Mop

For the places where the robot vacuum can't go, I use the floor wipe. The floor stays clean longer and I need not mop it that often; which comes in really handy at those times when my day help goes on her quirky and temperamental absences. I tried this contraption after I fixed it up. Not bad. Now to see whether it lasts. One problem though, I can't get refills here. So, the bottle better last... as in not break. 8)

I belong to a generation of working women who are expected to be 'super' women. We hold 2 jobs; the regular one like the guys and another one at home. Both are demanding and juggling between the two worlds can be rather tiring. So 'super' women need super tools to help them save energy and time, both of which come in limited supply. And this one would qualify as one, I think.... one of my super tools. It complements my swivel mop very well. LOL!


PreciousPearl said...

:D u shd delegate some of the house care jobs to Zazu :D

AJ7 said...

Oh! He does! Just that his hours are longer than mine.

SM Ting said...

d wipes r cool...can u refill d bottle with ur own detergent and fix it back to d broom? Havent seen such a thing but I guess my eyes not trained to look for such things. Will chk out places in KL or Ikea for u when I visit during the hol.

SM Ting said... d way...when u titled d blog as shopping, I expected to see clothes!!! So when do you go shopping for clothes?? Christmas is just round d corner and everyone needs new baju n shoes!

AJ7 said...

SM: LOL! I am not very much of a clothes shopper! Was like that and still is like that! But we do go shopping for clothes, something like once or twice a year only. My mom still gets me most of my blouses. And I'll wear most of the stuff she gets for me cos it makes her happy.... and me too cos I don't need to go shop for them. Very tiring to shop for clothes! The disposable mop is cool, huh? LOL! You should try look for it at Giant ACE Hardware at Ikano Power Centre or check out in the web for their outlets.


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