Monday, November 28, 2011

Nippon Yataimura

This is Nippon Yataimura at Queensbay. We went there with fond memories from our experience dining at their outlet at Jalan Burma quite some time back. But we were a little disappointed.
As Queensbay was on our way home, we stopped by for some quick shopping and also to have our lunch. And so we decided to give Nippon Yataimura a try as we've not gone for a while. 

This is something all of us enjoy. Beans. Endamame. But there weren't as nice as the ones that I get at Kaede

Other Half ordered this; their pork mayonnaise which was okay. 

I had this... quite a simple and plain fish dish. The taste wasn't too spectacular either.

Our gal's unagi set. It came with sashimi, a mix of tempura veg and chawan mushi. The unagi had too many bones to her liking and we ended up eating most of it while she took some of the chicken from Other Half. 

We had earlier gone for the Stationery Fair at PISA, which was another letdown. Thinking that stationery might mean paper, I went expecting to see different types of paper. Instead, what greeted us mostly were souvenirs and lots of those modern computer aided sewing machines which could sew all those intricate designs. Dying craft... hand stitching.

But we saw this too.. a professionally made light box. Other Half tried to make one long time ago using white foamy rubber and a box. It was cheap to make. This one??? It's almost RM2K!! 

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