Friday, December 30, 2011

Hing Ket Grill House

Bro-in-law took us here.
Hing Ket 4
Off the city highways into the little country roads that still exist in pockets of areas here and there in the suburbs of KL. And this makan trip was to Hing Ket Grill House.

It's an unobtrusive building, and there's nothing fancy about the shop which is located along the dusty main road of Kampung Jawa, Klang.
Hing Ket 1
We ordered the sa-hor-fun which was so popular with the kids that we ordered a second round. We also had bee hoon and stir fried vegetables.
Hing Ket 5
These la-la(s) were very spicy. The kids steered clear of them. We didn't order rice but these would go really great with white rice. Totally appetizing, the sauce.
Hing Ket 3
Chunky and meaty stingray grilled with curry powder. This is one of the best grilled stingrays I've taken. The meat was succulent and tender; the flavours just nice. Grilled to perfection.
Hing Ket 2
But this was the main reason for our visit here -  the grilled mutton. And though they might not look very appetizing, they tasted absolutely good. The meat was tender, well marinated - truly a finger lickin' dish.


Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ7,a sumptuous treat for u before u go back to the battle field in school. May 2012 be even a better year for you!

AJ7 said...

Yup! A treat. Happy New Year to you too. 8)

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