Sunday, December 18, 2011

iPhone 4S

Can't imagine that I feel more tired even though this is the hols for me. Have not been blogging much cos the brain seems to be frozen and I kinda like its frozen state though it's time to slowly start the thawing process. 

I finally took the plunge and got myself an iPhone 4S. One compelling reason to get it was my iPod went bust. During my recent trip back, I had the misfortune of falling into the drain when I stopped to resolve a problem at the Touch n Go Service Centre along the highway. PLUS should consider covering all their drains to make it safer for road users. Thankfully, my reflexes were still fast enough. I managed to stop myself from totally 'sinking' into the drain by propping myself up with my hands..... injured my wrist and arm in the process, though. 8( Had a few abrasions, some bruises and I thought that was it. Little did I realize that my iPod which was in my pocket had taken a hard knock. It was only the next day that I discovered a dent at the back when I couldn't power it up.  The gorilla glass held well. The iPod still looks pristine from the front. And that was the final 'encouragement' I needed to get an iPhone. I miss my iPod most during gym time cos my faithful little companion wasn't there to provide me the reading pleasure.

I made a pre-order with Celcom 2 days before the launch. I read about long lines in KL.... Up north here, I just walked in and was served quite promptly. No lines of people waiting to get the new iPhones. At one place in KL apparently, Maxis subscribers started queuing at 3 p.m. before the launch at midnight to get an iPhone 4S. Crazy!

I ran into a problem, though when Celcom said I couldn't upgrade my line since the iPhone 4S corporate package had not been announced. I was of course quite annoyed when they told me that I had to wait since they could not return my deposit. But after talking to the gals who were manning the counter, and a couple of calls to KL, discussions with their superiors, they finally agreed to switch my package. I was almost tempted to terminate my line. But I must commend the young lady who attended to me. 

And no, I am not going to gush about Siri, though I think it's quite cool. At the moment, I don't think I have much use for it yet. The iphone can play the piano it seems... have seen a video of it and it's pretty awesome. Having used the iPod for quite a while, the iPhone is not much different from it... except it has extra functions, of course. What I am going to gush about is the camera. It's almost as good as my point and shoot camera. Night shots are comparable. Video is good. And I carry less things in my pocket too. Everything in one. And oh yes! SMS-ing is easier now too... no more squinting my eyes trying to make out the letters on my less than presbyopic friendly phone keypad. I am usually too lazy to SMS or reply because SMSing is such a chore most of the times.

And with 2011 drawing its curtain to a close, I realize too that there are now many 'i'(s) in my life. And I don't know whether that is good.


PreciousPearl said...

oh dear, hope you are not injured. Must rest up well esp if you are tired by the end of the year! take good care of yourself

AJ7 said...

Balance seem to be tarak good this year...fall in the bathroom, then in the badminton court and the drain... age really catching up.... 8(

sell old computers said...

You would really love the camera!


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