Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pun Chun Kota Kemuning and Bidor

I thought my brain was thawing.. turns out it went back into the freezer during and post Christmas...

This is a first for us... in one trip we went to 2 same restaurants in 2 different locations. And it's all because Other Half liked their Duck Noodles so much. Well, actually it's dry noodle (konlo mee) accompanied by duck soup.
Pun Chun Kota Kemuning
This is Pun Chun Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. Bro-in-law took us there cos he said it's supposed to be very famous. They specialize in noodles. They have rice dishes too but most people seem to go for their noodles.
Pun Cun Menu
Their menu... it felt worn out from constant use. That is indicator of the restaurant's popularity. And one more thing, I noticed that the waiter took our orders using a Palm device. Quite cool. 8)
Pun Cun Mushroom and Chicken Feet
My order of Chicken Feet and Mushroom Noodles. I think being hungry probably contributed quite a bit to me thinking that it tasted quite good. But I think the same noodles at Lee & Lee here is just as good too.
Pun Cun Curry Mee
Son's order... curry mee. He says its very nice and he's a curry person. 
Pun Cun Duck Noodle
The konlo mee with its duck soup which got us to Pun Chun's parent restaurant in Bidor. Bro-in-law told us that it was located along one of the towns along the NSE. These days, with the GPS, it's easy to locate them. We were approaching Bidor when the duck noodles came into our conversation. So a few taps here and there.... and we decided to make a detour.
Pun Cun6
And this was where the GPS guided us to. Pun Chun (the parent restaurant) in Bidor. It's located at the corner lot of an old row of shophouses. This place is quite different from their Kota Kemuning outlet which had a city feel. Anyway, small towns can be interesting and exciting in their own ways cos to me, there is this disorderliness of everything.
Pun Cun7
And along the same street, you'll see shops and stalls selling fruits. Everywhere we turned, we saw people eating mangosteens. And literally every fruit stall was selling pomelos. I got some.
Pun Cun 10
This Pun Chun had all kinds of cookies and even this yam kuih. I bought a couple home to try. They're nice but I wouldn't say that they're the best I've taken. Each one cost around RM1.70, I think.
Pun Cun8
This lady was totally busy during the more than half an hour that we had to wait for our order. And it's obvious that order is not via any geeky tools. Business was really brisk and it wasn't even lunch or dinner time. It was mid afternoon and people streamed in non-stop for a plate of Pun Chun noodles. Guess one can see how popular this restaurant is. 
Pun Cun9
And so, that's how we had Pun Chun noodles at home. The noodles and soup were still warm when we got home. Pun Chun in Bidor is cheaper than the fancier outlet in Kota Kemuning. But price is not the only difference. The wantan in Kota Kemuning is sweeter cos they contain more prawns whereas the ones from Bidor contained more meat. Pun Chun's menu is pasted on the wall unlike the more personalized ones in Kota Kemuning.... for the supposedly more sophisticated clientele. And of course the more sophisticated clientele pays more too. 8)

Their duck/chicken soup is good. I noticed that the soups are cooked with longan in addition to the usual Chinese herbs. Would we stop by again for the noodles... I think so.

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Pun Chun said...

Thanks for your detailed review.

Glad you enjoyed your food.

For your information, we have just opened another branch in Ara Damansara. Please google for 'Pun Chun Noodle House Ara Damansara' for the location map. We are also on facebook, please like our fan page.

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