Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kill Shot Vince Flynn

The reading bug hasn't quite left yet. This is another book that sits on the New York Bestseller's List. Into the world of spies, of men turned into killing machines, treachery and loyalty in ine breath and patriotism it brought me. It's a book filled with action, to the very end.

The main character, Mitch Rapp is trained to kill with extreme efficiency. And he is very good at what he does, so good that the CIA lets him operate on his own, without a supporting team, which is supposed to be against protocol anf caused quite a few envious undercurrents. He is sent out into the field and is ruthlessly efficient at what he does. He has a list of scumbags which he is supposed to delete from life. A trail of bodies is left all over Europe, terrorists whose deaths would not really be missed, striking fear in those on the other side.

In a supposedly routine mission in France, something goes wrong. Unexpected assassins showed up at his kill zone and 9 bodies are left behind, one of them, his target - the Libyan Oil Minister which he disposed. Mitch barely gets away with is life. He is shot at the shoulder. And so began his quest to find out the people who put the price on his head.

The novel is a page turner all the way to the end. The plot is simple enough to follow. One can more or less tell the good guys from bad. There is a little love interest in the midst as well. Unknown too him, by being too good at what he does is also an occupational hazard. The narcissistic CIA guy behind his problem is also a traitor. Even within a same spy agency, its heads have different ideas about doing business and they can be corrupted, by money as well as power. The web of entanglement goes high up into the corridors of 2 other foreign spy agencies.

Good triumph in the end, however, after more lives were laid to waste. Good guys live and bad guys die. Funny too how such books can make one root for killers. I guess deep down in most of us, we basically don't really mind the bad guys being nicked from the face for this world. Managed to squeak this in at number 6 for the year before the month comes to an end.

Also, I read up a little bit more on the author and novel after I finished the book. Yay! There are other Mitch Rapp novels. So if I want to get a dose of this kind of action, there are a few more books like this out there.


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