Thursday, February 16, 2012

Of Nurses, Pharmacists, Doctors... more NIE

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0ver 60 nursing schools! More than 10 000 nurses graduate each year when we need only around 10% of the number. Some colleges are into the business of training nurses because it's lucrative. Sign up for nursing, and the college takes care of everything, now that there is PTPN loans to dip into. And with so many nursing schools, it's hard imagine all of them being of the same quality. So, I guess it's quite clear why so many of them are not employable.

Over 1000 pharmacists enter our job market annually it seems, recently it's reported. There so many of them now that the government has cut down their 3 years attachment to the government to just one year. And more will be graduating soon. 

Next on the list... Yup! The docs! We are going to have more doctors too, going by the way things are going. I look around and I know so many people whose children are studying medicine. These days, that's what parents gun for their children. As long as their grades are good, you can bet that medicine will be the course of choice. In Malaysia, have over 30 institutions offering medicine. Oh yes! We have over 30 medical schools! Word has it that they'll be in the surplus zone very soon too. We might soon be like the Philippines where their doctors leave in droves to seek greener pasture cos it's just hard to make a decent living. Doctors might not be getting permanent posting with the government hospitals once they complete their housemanship, for all you know. 

Now you see why 1Care has to be implemented? We have (or going to have) an oversupply of everything.... Tun Dr. M saw it fit to open the floodgates to easy medical degree so that the market will be flooded. It's now becoming a reality soon! There's going to be a lot of people clamouring for jobs in medical related fields. A big bunch of unhappy people who have spent so much time studying can be quite a headache. And their parents too because their children can't land a posting after all that money spent. And we can't have that, can we? There'll be a social uprising! Imagine the frustration....

It's a gold mine too if you can control it. Health is wealth, depends on which angle you are looking from; all angles being lucrative. in the hans of HMO -like set up, the one who controls that ends up with more of the goodies. With that many health professionals, zoning to ensure that everyone gets a piece if the pie becomes necessary because with so many health professionals of dubious quality, those not so good ones might find it hard to survive. And with zoning, comes fees for professional accreditation, blah, blah... At every corner there is an opportunity for those who hold the keys to more money. And finally, in order to keep the money in those pockets, someone has to pay. Unfortunately, that someone will be the common folks.... Dang!!!!!

Hence, it's important that we advice our children to pursue a career which they have passion for. Iteasterner when you enjoy what you do. Pay close attention to the newspapers. They tell us a lot of things but very often we have to learn to read between, under, above the lines. 8) But we need to find that MIA element, the elusive Thinking Skills.

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