Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Be my Valentine. Valentine's Day roses and gifts, dinners and words professing love. Then on the end of the spectrum, cannot celebrate because it will meruntuhkan moral, Valentine's Day equals to maksiat, flowers costing a bomb, traffic jams, full house at restaurants..... Prior to every February 14, we read and hear the same things. And like so many things harped on too long, it's beginning to sound like a broken record.

After so many years, still the same song... We have politicians, religious figures all jumping in to prohibit, to play guardians of the morals, guardians of the faith. But we don't hear them showing the same fervor in fighting corruption, injustices, helping the poor. When it comes to morals, everywhere I am reminded how most take to moral policing like fish to water.... I supposed it makes feel empowered. Today I read the morality police went round arresting unmarried couples out on Valentine's Day date.

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My Valentine's Day was spent in the court, and tonight, I had a great night! Played 6 games and won every one of them, including the last one in which we were trailing 7 points to match point. I thought we were finally going to lose but we clawed back, got our deuce; and we went yo-yoing a couple of more deuces before finally winning. LOL! Clean streak! Am thankful for each time that I am still able to hold my racquet and play a couple of games.

I told Other Half, no more flowers. They are way too expensive. A bunch cost a whole lot more and I think it does not make economic sense to spend that kind of money. But a person should have a right to splurge if he wants to. It's his money and spending helps to spur the economy... 8)

When I was in school, Valentine's Day used to be fun. One might find a card or two.... or more in your school drawer, or book, just about anywhere. And only guys sent the cards, with clues but no identity, most of the time. The receiver is supposed to guess who her admirer(s) is(are). Girls get a lot of fun trying to guess each other's Valentines. Sometimes you might find a flower or two, or some small keepsake... in those days, with little money, even the card would be a major expenditure for many. 8) And that was that... innocent fun.  

Guess I am way past that hype that goes with Valentine's Day, and probably many people my age too. But that doesn't mean that we need to hentam Valentine's Day. There is nothing wrong in wanting to celebrate. It's the people who are the problem. And with or without Valentine's Day, maksiat happens every day too. No need for certain quarters to sit on their high horses and neigh the same thing. If you look at these people who sit high up there, much of what comes out of their mouth lacks a lot of compassion. 

Many centuries ago, the Church had the final say in people's lives too... and the religious authorities could even cook up something like indulgences for the atonement of wrongs. Being ignorant, the masses just went along.... There was also a form of moral policing going on to make sure that their power base remained. They too had creative ways to keep questioning limited... Off to the stake, thrown into the dungeon, etc, etc.  The nobility was in cahoot with the clergy. Mutualism. Symbiosis. When Henry VIII wanted to marry Anne Boleyn, which he couldn't since he was already married to Katherine. So, what did he do? He broke away from the Church... formed his own so that his legitimacy is ensured. That, I think was how the autonomous Church of England came about. 

This modus operandi is still in practice. In Arab Saudi you have Wahabism, closely linked to the Al-Saud family. And the recent journalist incident in which Malaysia deported him to what many say is a certain death.... moral policing is actually more about power, being in charge. Valentine's Day... the jumble of thoughts that come all muddled up.

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