Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Eighth Confession ...by James Patterson

A Women's Murder Club series by Patterson and Paetro. After a hiatus from intense reading, this one was quickie read. Did in a day cos I was impatient to get to the end.

Appearance can be deceiving.... that's what almost everything in the novel is about. Rich people who are nice on the outside but mean or have a certain peculiarity. Poor or rich, I think we are like that too. Anyway, they get killed by the use of krait, a venomous and lethal snake. Cool, huh? A live snake as a murder weapon. Its venom is quickly metabolized by the body and no post mortem can find traces of foul play. The psychopathic murderess keeps score of the people who had been mean to her. Those who died had crossed her path.

A preacher gets killed. On the surface it seems that an injustice had been committed. But his same 'preacher' runs his own meth lab and enslaves young girls. He turns them into dope dealers and prostitutes. The whole neighbourhood stands together when the truth comes out when the police thinks they have arrested the murderer. Turns out everyone wants him dead. Justice is served in a quirky way.

One of the women in the Murder Club, Yuki, the prosecutor falls in love with a doc she meets at the hospital. By all accounts she likes him. They fall in love with each other. Things went on fine until he told her he was born with ambiguous genitalia. Appearance can be deceiving but in this twist, the doc came out truthful....

Generally, like most of Patterson's books, this was an interesting enough novel to keep me glued to it like a action-junkie waiting for the next act.... It's like a love-hate relationship thingy. Love it cos it's filled with enough suspense to keep me glued. Hate it cos I can't put it down. When that happens, things get procrastinated. Book 8. I am still on schedule with my at least 2 books a month target this year. 8)

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