Sunday, April 8, 2012

Through My Eyes Tim Tebow

This is the season of hope. Easter... the reminder of the resurrection and the hope that comes with it. Happy Easter.

Book 7 for 2012. This is a book about football, not the type that we are more familiar with here in Malaysia but the American version. In Malaysia we call soccer football. And this is also a book about how a young man chooses to honour God through his football talent.

Been more than a month since my last book, in part because this is usually the time of the year when there are more things to do. Plus also, my temporary home help, my boy, has gone to work full time. 8( For a while it was nice to have the laundry nicely folded when I come back from work....and someone to go get tidbits for me during teatime.

Anyway, back to the book. If you do a search for Timothy Tebow, you'll realize that he's actually quite famous. Currently playing for New York Jets, he shot to stardom from his Florida Gators playing days. He would etch Bible verses on his face in the games that he played and in 2009 one of the verses was John 3:16. This verse was searched over 90 million times after his game.... and it was a game that was won in style; stuff that made a good story.

Born of missionary parents (they were in the Phillipines), Tim's mother was told to abort him as the pregnancy would endanger her. But she believed God would see her through. And God did! They dedicated him to God. The youngest of 5, he and his siblings were homeschooled. A lot of his athletic prowess had roots in the hard work that he had to put in on his parents' farm in his growing up years.
The book describes in detail his playing days with the Florida Gators; University of Florida football team. I learned a lot about American football from this book, I should say. 8) Reading about Tim Tebow brings to mind another budding basketballer, Jeremy Lin, a basketball player who recently had a meteoric rise too. These are extremely talented young men who choose to acknowledge the gift that their Creator has given them. They choose also to live a life that is honourable to God.
However the journey into fame is just starting. I hope they stay faithful. I'm not football crazy and I think because of that, there wasn't this push to get me going. But this is still a nice read.

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