Monday, March 5, 2012

Elizabeth The Queen ...Sally Bedell Smith

Queen Elizaabeth 2 is 86 this year. The last chapter of the book was on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The queen is probably one of the most enigmatic women today. Having been the constant in British life for the last 60 years as the monarch of one of the oldest monarchy in the world today is no mean feat. And at her age, it's really amazing to watch her still.

As a young kid, she was one of the women I admired a lot, along with Margaret Thatcher. I thought she looked regal. She still does. A queen in modern times! It's the stuff that makes fairy tales come alive. I think all of us could always do with the little magic in life. And somehow, the life of Queen Elizabeth allows that little magic to nestle in our imagination. When Prince Charles married Diana, it was another magical moment for my generation. But after that, the magic dissipated bit by bit. We learned that the Royals are humans too.

Book 6 and there is still this little magic in reading this book. It's still magical to watch her, the Queen of England.

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