Friday, March 23, 2012

The Cycle of Crap

Don't confuse this with Krebs Cycle....

Like everything else that is trapped in this vicious cycle that we're all in, crap is also unavoidable. Even happy people crap! Lol! Crap comes in different forms. Some crap can be funny. Others are downright frustrating. Anyway, I think this is another cycle of crap coming around. Crap is excreted by living organisms but the one by the two-legged creature called human is probably one that can stink most. But due to the presence of some gray matter in this crap producing creature, one easily gets duped, especially in this age of convenience. We want everything easy.

Crappy people say all kinds of things they cannot keep. Crappy people justify everything with more crap. There's been a lot of crap flying around lately. Not that I don't add to them too. I do cos I am also a crap producing two-legged creature. I recently had to sit through a session where my poor eardrums had to process lots of crappy stuff by people who talk a lot of crap and other crap associates. Oh crap!

And oh yes! I am feeling particularly crappy too cos this is the time of the year when school administration shove down our throats extra classes. In our own idiotic way, we seem to believe that all that extra cramming after a long hot crummy day will help. Actually, the crap here is just the paper show. They actually don't really care. We are even told that instruction need not take place place. We are given classes not our own and expected to just sit in class and complete photocopied worksheets.... in other words babysit them. There's also blatant copyright infringement, by the way from, all these rampant photocopying. Students are so incapacitated by their own lack of inertia these days that they need to be spoonfed all the way. But if you ask me, I think this is merely a paperwork exercise so that glossy reports (crap) can be produced.

The solution to real improvement lies in better instruction. Most students are getting half baked instructions these days. The real work involves going through students' work, marking them correctly. Just take a look at your kids' exercise books and you'll know what I mean. Where English is concerned, you'll probably find lots of errors not corrected; and it's not because of oversight but reflects the poor command of the teacher. You know, English teachers get BISP, an allowance supposed to be used to further improve themselves. I wonder how many actually take the trouble to improve themselves. Poor instruction... and still students get A(s). These are the same people who grade the public examination papers too. Then these A people go to unversity, graduate... and then employers say they lack skills. We produce a lot of toilet paper material for the job market.

Crappy week.... and that's just the instruction part. There's this other more insidous aspect.... racism. Anyway, we are a society waiting to implode... once you get too many wrongs, it will beget more and more. That's human nature too.


PreciousPearl said...

wow, you sound cross....
MCQ for you:
What do you think you should do next?
a) Nothing except to perpetuate the existing system
b) Try to change things starting with your own class/ school
c) Run for public office to oust the policy makers whose outlook you do not agree with
d) Move to Barsoom
e) Change career

AJ7 said...

I sound cross??? LOL! Not really. More like fed up with the cakap no bikin thingy going on around. But it's a typical thing you find here.
A. The existing system is rotted. So can rot together, which I think is what's expected of one.
B. Been doing that.... still at it. But it stays in its own micro world.
C. Lol! Don't think I am cut out of that cloth. I'll probably drive people nuts with higher expectations.
D. Hmmmmmm... Worth considering
E. Retire... but what for. Still got a little fire... Continue to stoke it lah. Ha! Ha!

Seriously, there's more crap in our system today. In art due to imcompetency, lack of drive, wanting things easy, lack of imagination, etc, etc. Just do a little compartive studies with countries like Korea, Taiwan, Singapore.... Back in the 60s, we were better off than them. Today, we ar way behind them.... Either we Malaysians ade dumb or something is wrong with the way our country has been run. Too much mollycoddling has taken place. A country built mainly on crutches, preferential treatments, and all those which tips the scale thingy cannot be good in the long run. What's happening is more like the pagar which we are supposed to trust has probably been eating the paddy from us. More and more, a lot of what they say sounds like batuk di tangga only.

By the way we've just had the best SPM in 5 years results too... must be all those extra classes that they have been cramming in and not the niggling fact that election is just around the corner. Add that to the statistic that 60% of our grads don't find employment easily because they lack certain skills, I guess too that the rest of the candidates must be really dumb too... Go figure! Glossy reports but reality tells us otherwise. That is the crap I supposed. It becomes cyclical cos sometimes we see hope... and sometimes not. The latter is the case now... hence the ranting. 8(

But I am also mindful that this is the world... and this is how the world operates best... fallen mah. So, biasalah... this crap cycle thingy... you get smelly crap, you get happy crap, you get funny crap too... kitaran hidup.


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