Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jade Blossom Restaurant

It was quite late when we arrived at the restaurant. We were in Penang cos Son had to sit for this IELTS the next day.
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Jade Blossom Restaurant is located in 1st Avenue, which is part of the Komtar Complex and adjacent to Trader's Hotel which we were staying. I would have love to go for the chee cheong chuk near the Sunway Hotel but it was raining and we were quite famished by the time we checked in.
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We ordered their Roasted Duck with Mango in Lemon Sauce on recommendation from the waitress. It was okay as in the meat was tender enough. For vegetables, we actually wanted the yam ring but had to replace it with Seasonal Vegetables with Garlic. Can't go very wrong with vegetables. The third order was Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk and Butter. Soft shell crabs once fried usually absorb lots of oil. These weren't exactly very oily but 2 pieces are about the maximum I could take before the oil starts to get to me. And they have to be eaten warm.
Now what do I think of this place? We had problems trying to make ourselves understood by the waiters. The 2 whom we talked too couldn't even understand what we requested. The only waitress who happens to be only laround noticed could understand us didn't do a very good job of taking our orders. We ended up one soup short from our original order. By the time we checked with her, we had already finished our meal. One of the waiters left the tea pot on our table and disappeared when I told him that it wasn't hot tea that we ordered but a cold one. Daughter wanted ice water but what came was warm water. Service was poor due to staff who could not understand us. They were nicely dressed in their uniforms but their service was definitely lacking, which was rather frustrating.
But at least there was a bright spot. The room we booked at Trader's got bumped up to a suite. And it was nice walking into their bathroom cos what greeted me on the shelves were these!!!!!!
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Locitane personal care products!!!! 8) Nice touch! Been a while since I last enjoyed being surprised by the contents of a hotel bathroom... of all things. And in terms of service, this is one of the better hotels we've stayed in recent months.

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