Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Think For A Moment

A Minister in the Malaysian cabinet says that despite 2% shy of 'dangerous level of national debt, we're okay. Apparently the leaders we entrust the nation's welfare have been borrowing and borrowing. I was brought up with the mindset that borrowing beyond my means is bad... and that saving money for a rainy day is good. Now I am told that borrowing to the danger point of bankruptcy is okay... Scary!

A Deputy Minister of Education gets heckled by his own race. Cos apparently promises to look into the problem for the last 40 over years to overcome the shortage of teachers in Chinese vernacular schools have remained empty promises. If cannot keep promises, don't make them in the first place. This era is a bad era to be making promises cos the promises take a life of their own in cyber world. Then it's also interesting to see how opportunists take advantage of this to stir trouble... There will not be a need for vernacular schools if there is equality....

To be born the children of Cabinet Ministers in Malaysia means it's a gold spoon allnthe way. You get to drive super expensive cars that most of us can only dream about; cars with road tax over RM20K! You get to have bodyguards follow you everywhere; who might even perhaps throw a few punches at people you feel should not have the audacity to question your every act.

A rare earth plant, of cows mooing everywhere and former a Chief Justice turned road builder. Then you read about how the authorities chase to the ends of the earth those study loan defaulters; they get their wings clipped and cannot fly out of the country.... But the former boss of an airline gets all his 'hutang' swept under some carpets. And he can still fly. It seems the small fries get fried hangus while the big fish swim away.

We condemn apartheid. We condemn bribery. We condemm white supremacy. We condemn injustice. I tell you, the list of things we condemn is pretty long. And then we claim to do it for bangsa, agama and negara... the skewed version. What bangsa? Cos whenever politicians talk, bangsa seems to take the form of the audience; very flexible. The agama part, I find difficult to comprehend cos to condone all these acts and then claim to be pious.... Now that demeans everything. The last part, demi negara.... we should all wonder why our best wander off and never return. Or how we naturalise citizens blindly.... How is it we are lagging behind those Asian Tigers which started on the same footing or behind us? We are sitting at the bottom of that ladder today.... Taiwan, Korea, Singapore. Those leaders of ours, are they serving their own ends or ours?

And guess what... many people were indignant at Indonesia's insistence of one maid one task thingy. Wake up! The poverty level in Indonesia has gone down a lot. At the rate they are going, who knows, someday our children will be going over there to look for jobs???? Thinking skills anyone?

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