Friday, March 9, 2012

Indah Khabar Dari Rupa

In this age where everything can be photoshopped, we can't quite trust our eyes. Similarly, what we see on glossy magazine covers (or inside) cannot be relied as totally true. There is always this illusion that they play on our eyes.

Recently we were at Tesco and saw this new biscuit and thought we'd give it a try. The wrapping was attractive enough and the biscuits looked quite yummy and the taste was actually not bad. They tasted like merry biscuits and the cream, though was a bit too sweet for my liking.

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This is a look at the biscuits on the wrapper and the real biscuits. See the difference? The real biscuits don't have cream 'spilling' out of them. The ones on the wrappers looked downright yummy!

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This is why. There is only a slob of cream in the middle of the real biscuits. I guess it's easy to make the biscuits on the wrapper look yummy by 'photoshopping' it.

That's life too... Everything can be dressed up to dupe. We are often promised so much but in reality get only part of what is promised. Similarly, some of us paint ourselves like the overflowing biscuit with sweet cream but when the real test comes, we actually are like the biscuit with just the slob in the middle. In schools these days, we have teachers with strings of qualifications, yet when it comes down to really knowing their stuff, they're actually just like the slobs too. Recently too again reports about the 60:40 not employable to employable local graduates have made news again.... our local graduates just don't seem to measure up because they lack the skills required. But when these same students were schooling, their abilities were glossed up. They were made to believe that they were spilling with good stuff when they actually were not by teachers who are like them. We are definitely reaping the fruits grown by the farmer who sowed the right seeds but do not weem to have enough fertilizers to grow the trees into trees which bear quality fruits. However like the proverbial frog under the coconut shell, our young (and many teachers) think they are doing very okay.... till the poor young sods hit the job market and find themselves lacking.

Recently too, I decided to give questions to allow me to size up my students' ability as compared to their peers elsewhere. Guess what? Even the teachers were found lacking.... A retired ex-colleague happened to pay a visit around the same time and I gave her the questions... She had no problems. Quality lacking but no humility to realize that. Chasing titles and positions have become the preoccupation these days cos many seem to feel that it gives them that sort of quality seal. Well, I don't know about the quality but what I do know is it won't be coming any time soon if we cannot admit our inadequacy.

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Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ7, is there a disclaimer." Photographs are for illustration only" ?

A Science grad went for a class Teachers' Day Celebration in my school, was offered a glass of sparkling Apple Juice, he refused and the reason given, " Was, Was, waiting for JAKIN's certification." Ignorance may be a bliss but conscientious ignorance is stupidity.

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