Monday, January 3, 2011

For One More Day..

Oh what joy to have the school hols extended by one day!!! LOL! And all because we won the AFC Suzuki Cup; football. I wonder how many days will we get if we win the Asian Cup. Dare not imagine how many days we'll get if we win the World Cup.

So what did that one extra day bought for me??? Lots by the feel of it.

This morning's traffic for one. It was raining and as a result traffic was at a crawl when I got to school. Only half the gate was open to traffic... the other half was blocked by a cone, allowing only one car to pass at each time. Plus there were parents who insisted on forcing their way through the traffic causing it to crawl even slower. Traffic flow could be improved but who bothers.... as long as the school looks beautiful, seems to be running well... oh well!

A particularly long assembly which reminds me how 'cheong-hei' assemblies are these days. More waste of time than anything but who am I to complain.

And to cap it all... another meeting so soon after our staff meting which made it a super long day for me. People who hold mikes tend to love to hear their own voices. No one seems to realize that we tend to switch off... who has ever heard of short and sweet meetings these days. Only long meetings show that work is being done... And wow! I just realized that some people have no shame of their words.. or perhaps I should be more positive and put it this way... no pride in their words. It's a talent, to butter words and heap praises on people unabashed!

But the bright spark is always entering a class of fresh face kids.... it's kinda fun, though it might wear thin in the coming months. LOL!

So, for one more day... I definitely am thankful to our football team this time. LOL!!! I'll be rooting for our football team to win the Asian Cup next. Maybe we'll get 2 more days!

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great post. i will be back to read some more.

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