Sunday, January 9, 2011

Berlin's Bier Houz

One more food adventure... been not doing that a lot of late.
Straits Quay
At Straits Quay, Tanjung Tokong; the newest place to hang out and congregate in Penang, well... at least at Gurney and Tanjung Tokong areas. It's a nice place... providing supposedly the first marina retail experience. There will be berthing places for yachts in the expanse of water above. The residential area is really nice... we were curious and went to enquire. A one bedroom suite condo starts at RM1.5 million! No need to imagine what kind of neighbourhood this is....

Frankly speaking, I felt like I was in Singapore.... if they can maintain this place well it'll be a really nice place. Am reminded of the Marina in Kuala Kedah which seems to still be laying to waste.... poor planning, no proper studies, etc, etc....
Berlin's Bier Houz,Straits Quay,Penang
Berlin's Bier Houz was where we ended up for lunch. FYI, this is not the only German restaurant in this complex.
Berlin's Bier Houz,Straits Quay,Penang,Port Knuckle
Pork knuckles!! German version of our 'siu-bak'. The skin was nice and crispy. The meat was moist, tender and soft and the sauce complimented it quite nicely.... didn't overpower the meat.
Berlin's Bier Houz,Straits Quay,Penang
Duck crepe... food is also about presentation these days. And these looked appetizing right from the time they set it on our table. Didn't taste too bad either. But not enough to fill one hungry stomach.
Berlin's Bier Houz,Straits Quay,Penang
German Sausage Platter... made up of 3 different types of sausages. Pieces of corn and tomatoes gave it more colour. The sausages were okay. You can get better sausages at Edelweiss. I think they were all porky sausages but Other Half thinks otherwise...
Berlin's Bier Houz,Straits Quay,Penang,Port Knuckle
Our own mixed platter... crepe duck, pork knuckle immersed in the sauce and bbq pork bruschetta on our gal's plate. Oh yes! We also ordered their soup of the day which was asparagus cream soup. It wasn't really spectacular though! It wasn't a rave with my girl because of the 'green' taste.
Beer,Berlin's Bier Houz
And we had this!! Beer!!! I've never had beer for lunch. Actually, I don't really quite like beer... or liquor very much for that matter. Anyway, I had the Lowenbrau while Other Half had the Erdinger Weissbier. The latter was smoother and less bitter. He says beer goes down well with meat... I have to agree somewhat. Fruit juice don't quite go together that well... beer in a German meal is like Chinese tea to us when we go for a Chinese meal.
Four Season Bakery,Straits Quay
We checked out the place by taking a walk around. Many of the shoplots are still empty. But this caught my eye... kinda like a boutique bakery! You find wine and other stuff in this bakery too! I wanted to try their cinnamon bun but because the place was packed, I gave it a go.. a full stomach does not give one the impetus to go for more food!

Anyway, this is generally a nice experience. We'll most likely to be going back there to try out the other restaurants. One thing though, there seems to be more pubs under one roof here than anywhere else in Penang that I know of.


SM Ting said...

it seems so unpenang.....must make a visit thr soon.

AJ7 said...

New Penang lah... of course old penang is still nicer. Got character. This one is just nice... sterile kind of nice but nice still the same. 8)

Dino said...

You all really live good life i tell ya!!! :)

PreciousPearl said...

wow, that food looks nice but seems terribly fattening tee hee hee!

AJ7 said...

PP: No doubt about the fattening part. That's why these are just occasional treats. Imagine living on these... we'll be signing off from this living world in no time! Tee hee hee!

Brenda Lim said...

I thought there is only 1 german restaurant in pg....Ingolf's at Tg Bungah. Thanks for sharing with us. I like your blog. By the way, may I know the price range of "Berlin's Bier Houz"

AJ7 said...

Thanks Brenda... I can't remember the exact price but I thought it was within the usual range such establishments charge. There is another German restaurant in Straits Quay. We'll probably be trying that one of these days too! 8)

Brenda Lim said...

Remember to post the pics in ur blog after u try out the new german restaurant.....I will visit Berlin's in future cz recently had too much of delicious food, now must control haha


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