Sunday, October 3, 2010


Edelweiss... it's an oldie from the movie "The Sound of Music". An old classic. I learned this song as a kid at school.
Edelweiss,Armenian St,Penang
Anyway, this Edelweiss is different. It's a cafe, some say the only Swiss cafe in Penang located at Gat Lebuh Armenian (Armenian St). Been quite a while since we went food trying. So instead of going to the usual places, we went to The Heritage Trail in Old Penang, something like Jonker St in Malacca. But this one still needs quite a bit work.
The restaurant is really quaint. You get this feeling the minute you step in. Everything inside seems to be ringing from the past, right down to the fan controls.
We had to wait a while for our food. I had this. Smoked pork belly. The menu comes with a fatty' warning. 8) The noodle-like thing in the centre is actually mashed potato.
My boy's pork ribs. He loved it... finger-lookin good from the way he was eating them.
Other Half took their B52 which was a huge sausage! By far one of the biggest I've seen being served!
Irish Kiss
The B52 was accompanied by this Irish Coffee... another name for it is Irish Kiss, I think! We tried making our own (cold) version of Irish Kiss not too long ago. It was quite fun!
Edelweiss,Armenian St,Penang,Mushroom Soup
And the Lil One had the mushroom soup, apart from 'donations' from us. It's quite thick with presumably finely chopped mushroom, onions, etc in it.
In between we took a walk to check out the place. The stuff inside are not just antiquated but they've got these nice cute stuff around. There's a funny poster in the men's toilet too. My boy took a photo of it. They serve cheese fondue too and we're going back for that!!! ... thanks to reading all about that from Asterix!
Armenian St,Chew Kongsi House
After lunch, since the weather was really cool and cloudy, we took a stroll into the Cheah Kongsi house which was just a stone's throw from the cafe. My kids have never been into old Chinese houses with courtyards. It's quite big but some sections are closed to the public. It was practically empty while we were there. Some restoration works seemed to be underway by the looks of things.
Cafe Amelie
And Other Half noticed this unobtrusive cafe tucked behind the plants. We walked past the first time without noticing it at all. And when I took a peek inside, it was a really small place.... with something like 4 tables for the patrons only. And it was perpetually full (what would you expect if there were only 4 tables that make up the restaurant? LOL!) Would be interesting to try this place one of these days.

And since we were already on the sightseeing mode, we took the ferry back (after a short shopping stop) to the mainland instead of the bridge... for Lil One's sake. She enjoyed the 'boat' ride very much I think. This is one of the more memorable trips we've done for some time.


SM Ting said...

sounds like a great place to go for makan in png i must rmbr it when i visit....

PreciousPearl said...

nice one! didn't realise such places still exist in Penang :)

AJ7 said...

Got lots more places like this I hear. Now must go try all these 'exotic' places for a change from the sterile supermarket type of makan places. Do go... it's nice to walk the old streets. 8)

Dino said...

All nice and dandy till one gets heart artery blocked. Hhahaha!!!

AJ7 said...

Ah yes Dino. But if don't eat now, cannot also later... Eat and be merry for we do not know what awaits us tomorrow.

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