Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Have A Debt of RM14 000!!

That's what the Auditor General's report said. Every Malaysian has a hutang of RM14000, since the country has a debt of RM362.39 billion. It seems to our hutang negara is still on the rise. So if there are 5 people in one household, the hutang for that household stands at RM90000.

My parents taught us never to hutang. Growing up, I don't remember my dad ever mentioning that we had debts to pay... not that we were rich, mind you. Money was always tight. Ours was a single income family. Dad was only a primary school teacher but he worked real hard to support us. His normal day would start at 6.30 a.m. and end at 10.00 p.m. with short lunch and dinner breaks; 6 days a week. So, if anyone ever tells me that the Chinese are all rich... my parents definitely got missed out!! Tuition was how he put us through university.... lots and lots of hard work! No hutang, except for those unavoidable major items like the house and car.

If we could not afford something we want, we would not buy it. Our parents instilled in us not to hutang as far as possible. And for as long as I can remember, I've always done that. Now I am told that I have a debt of RM14 000! Malaysia is a rich country... yet the Auditor General Report stated that many states are not very well managed.

But one state shone!!! Penang!!! I am proud of Lim Guan Eng and his team. Been sick of all the 'demi bangsa dan agama' thingy. And very often, the non-Malays are made to feel as though we have no pegangan.... Turns out, what matters is the integrity (the real one and not the laungan kosong) and not the pegangan agama thing, definitely not the bangsa thing either cos doesn't matter if you are red or white or yellow or even green; if you are greedy, you'll dip your hands into the coffer and bawa all the harta into your own coffers even to the coffin if possible I should think. Thankfully, all of us gotta die some day. I am proud of Lim Guan Eng not because he shares the same ethnicity as me. I am proud of him because he practices good governance for everyone.

And apparently Terengganu with all that oil sitting underneath its seas are seeing its money doing the disappearing act. The poverty level there remains bad.

So, what's wrong with our country. Rising debts, setiap rakyat dikelilingi hutang RM14000! And we're still going to spend even more to build that 100-storey building. What wawasan does it envision? PM already said 1Malaysia comes with unequal citizenship. And then our Defense Ministry bought this AV8 Armoured Vehicle which cost more than RM30 million a piece. Some industry watchers say we can get better ones at a third that price! Remember once upon a time the Sukhoi fighters???? We spent mega bucks on them too!!!

My little brain tells me that if we keep piling up the debts, we'll become bankrupt. Recently there were news that the Kuala Nerang rep (BN) was declared a bankrupt in a High Court proceeding on Oct 15th cos he did not pay his loan. Now if we have reps with such kind of reputation, is it no wonder that our finances are badly managed???

RM14000.... I've worked hard, tried my hardest to steer clear of unwarranted debts. Now I am being told that I have that hutang. What has our gahmen been doing???

BTW, Kedah and Kelantan didn't do too badly in their collection of revenues too... 8)

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SM Ting said...

that's the principal we practise at home too n passing on to the within our means.

Sometimes we wonder how a couple who are both teachers are able to own two big imported cars???

Almost every tchr that comes to my sch with small cars will end up converting to big cars in a year or so....keeping up with the Joneses?

but when real need and poverty shout out ... lots of comments given but no action!

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