Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Standard Guru Malaysia...

One more new thing for us in the education line... and they call it Standard Guru Malaysia. The MOE has even set us a webpage for it. This is what it is supposed to stand for...
Standard Guru Malaysia (SGM) menggariskan kompetensi profesional yang patut dicapai oleh guru, dan keperluan yang patut disediakan oleh agensi dan institusi latihan perguruan bagi membantu guru mencapai tahap kompetensi yang ditetapkan. Dokumen ini disediakan sebagai panduan dan rujukan kepada guru, pendidik guru, agensi dan institusi latihan perguruan dalam usaha untuk melahirkan dan melestarikan guru berkualiti. Dokumen ini akan disemak semula secara berkala bagi tujuan penambahbaikan berterusan.
Looks noble??? I'd say so too till we were told to adjust the scores of our questionaires to reflect the status of my school, which is average. Apparently, if we score too low or too high on the instrument that has been formulated (either the online or offline version), they'd send people to come and check on us. So we were told that the safest path, play with the offline version till you get a score that is 'satisfactory'. Then you submit it.

So much for panduan and rujukan. Anyway, I went for the briefing.... downloaded the apps which had 3 standards... click, click, click... and within 10 minutes had an acceptable score. How's that for our standard? If this is going to play a role in replacing the PTK which will be abolish next year, I'd take my chances with PTK. At least that's an exam which needs to be graded.

I am beginning to have second thoughts about PMR being scraped too. Without an exam to make sure students stay on a universal path, it'd be too easy to just cook up scores in the school-based assessments. We're simply too compromised on values as it is... makes you wonder whether you are already in a cesspool.

Standard Guru Malaysia... at the moment, it looks good on the outside. But the first impression is already reeking with compromise and cheat modes.

On a more happy note... my 9-year-girl wrote her first poem. For the past few weeks, I've been (on and off) doing the water cycle with them. And today, I showed them a poem and after that told them to try their hand at writing one..... And this is what she came up with. 8)

High up there!
White fluffy clouds
You float very slow,
when the wind is gentle.
You roll here and there,
when the wind is strong.
And when you are happy,
You give us showers of blessings
White fluffy clouds, white fluffy clouds
Where did you go today?

Update 17th Nov:
Apparently one of my colleagues took a peek at our boss' SGM forms. She gave herself all perfect scores for the different tahap(s)!! LOL! That after telling us to moderate our scores! How's that for making herself look good at our expense??


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Congrates on the lovely poem! Let's have more. I think I want to roll and be carried away by the clouds but please return me to earth after the adventure is over!!LOL

PreciousPearl said...

waaa.... so many anglicised words in that mission statement - MoE does not have access to a decent Malay dictionary issit???

and well done Princess Rainbow, hope to read more from you soon :)

AJ7 said...

They probably thing it's cool to use ang-moh words... we are always like that, mempertahankan our bahasa bermati-matian but keep injecting anglicized words into it... even though there are BM equivalent words...

All Things Beautiful said...

What a delightful poem. As a reward, bring her over to play with Canon :-)

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