Friday, October 15, 2010

B for Burglar... by Sue Grafton

Currently busy and I shouldn't add more headache to my already rather packed days these days but I did anyway. In between many things, this was my 'entertainment'. Book 44 is from Sue Grafton's alphabet series. Light entertainment where you know the heroine comes out triumphant each time at the end. I'm a sucker for happy ending, good triumphing over bad, mystery solved and justice served. Of course, real life is never like that cos lots of injustices remains unresolved. Story book endings don't happen all the time in life.

Like the entertainment it gave me even though I ended up with a perpetual headache most of the days as the reading ate into my 'supposed-to-sleep-time.' Can't see the exact relation of the 'burglar' to the story though but the storyline still appeals. The emancipated, feisty and wise-cracking woman can do anything the guy can do... and that's the main character, Kinsey. The hunt for a widow, double murders, arson, suspense (sort of since you know the heroine would survive somehow) all add up to light entertainment for the in-between moments.

This book was written in the 80s when mobile phones were not the thing yet... I wondered a few times how come the lead character, Kinsey had to search for public phones to call the cops. Caught myself muttering why the writer was so old fashioned. In the 80s mobiles were lugged around like a suitcase. LOL!

Anyway, headache or no, it's still a nice enough read; one for the road... and I've been on the road a lot on work these past 2 weeks! And volleyball season is finally over. My volleyball has just been scrubbed and it's going back into the store room.... 8(

In one day, the end of a competition.... the euphoric highs and the disheartening dejections of the games, the moments of contact with people seen seldom, and the friend I visited yesterday gone home to God... things on earth, they are so fleeting!

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