Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seize the Moment..

Moments stand for many concepts.... in physics, maths and life... and in each one of them, it signifies something happening, and it doesn't last forever. In life too, the moments in our lives are like that. Those moments are ours for the enjoyment at that particular time and then it's gone, only to be deposited in our memories.

This was from a kopitiam conversation.... our kids are there for us to enjoy but many of us miss this boat. We are busy people; careers, interests and other pursuits. As such we miss out spending time with our children. We miss the moments. And once missed, they're gone. It will not come back again.

More thoughts from the kopitiam conversation, parents are busy with their own lives. Child minders and maids fill the void left by the parents. I watch kids in my neighbourhood. The kakaks get them ready for school, feed them, take them to the neighbours' houses to play, clean up after them, etc, etc... Parents come and go, pay for their upkeep... Am reading 'The Other Boleyn Girl' by Philippa Gregory now. In the days of Henry VIII, children of nobility also hardly saw their biological parents. Everything was done by the maids. Children were merely to perpetuate family name and influence.

The years before 12 are the most wonderful years. Our children are full of wonderment. Our world, theirs. They yearn for our time. They enjoy our company, even long for them. Their laughters come from their heart. Their sheer enjoyment is just that. Everything is innocent. That moment comes.. and then it goes off... and there is no more.

We miss it cos we're busy carving out a career for ourselves, building our little nest and because we're so busy, we tell ourselves we are entitled to some time of our own. I see parents spending night after night, at the karaoke, badminton courts, busy with social functions.... children and parents leading their own lives. And they come together for brief periods - that touted quality time. I think it's just our way of appeasing our conscience.

An acquaintance reminded us of these moments, on one Saturday morning, in a kopitiam. He told us he truly enjoyed those moments when he discovered them years ago when his children were younger and reminded us to enjoy ours. He was glad for it. And yes, I agree with him... Cos we have one who is at that coming-of-age stage, all about to go out into the world and another at the throes of ending that age-of-innocence.... I enjoy those moments that I share with the young one now....

Kopitiam conversations are supposed to be full of rubbish, he said... but this surely counts as one of the gems.

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monay said...

what a wonderful reminder, thanks.

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