Friday, October 29, 2010

Pottering Around the House...

House frenzy is the latest keeping my time occupied; to the point that there's this dull ache in my feet, from all the moving around, I supposed. There's always something to do now that I'm back in the driver's seat.
Long beans
And I'm into planting stuff around the house again... have planted some sunflowers (seedlings courtesy of Ah Ho), long beans and okra in the same bed. Looks like the sunflowers are being overwhelmed by the long beans. Other Half had this bright idea of using the pipes as a scaffolding for the plant to crawl on. And this patch is also where I 'plant' most of the leftover fruit peelings and leftover rice. Because of that, the plants are doing quite well... natural fertilizers.
Lawn weeding the past few weeks is showing some results. But this is one task that requires persistence and commitment. Of course, the mower extends us lots of help in this department. And these days, they come with a rear bag which cuts down the sweeping greatly.

Things fall into decay when not looked into regularly... and for the past months, we've been sealing holes, scrubbing the corners and clearing out junk and stuff which we don't use any more. I spray painted the metal garden chairs too. They now look brand new again. At my gal's choice, they're now pink! Spankingly pink! LOL!
But all the work pays off when I sit down on a rainy afternoon with a glass of tea and my ipod on the swing.... my own little domain.
My gal keeps me company quite often. Both of us would be there. I might be reading while she feeds the fish.... sometimes she reads too! 8) Or I'd weed... accompanied by the gurgling sounds of flowing water in the mini pond.
Compost Pot
My compost pot! I bury food stuff for my worms in here when I am too lazy to do it in the veg patch outside. In 2 short months, my skinny worms have been fattened. LOL! It's amazing how much of the rubbish we generate is actually biodegradable. I find my household garbage shrinking quite remarkably ever since I started composting my food stuff.


SM Ting said... very rajin. so u have green fingers too. do worms get to ur okra n long beans? ur compost heap is in a pot?

AJ7 said...

Not that I know of.. the worms to the okra and long beans. My 'compost heap' is a modified one... 8) I bury the food stuff in the soil. Makes great food for the worms. And they fertilize and air the soil. LOL! I am planning to re-pot my pandan leaves into that pot... then start another compost heap. Such pots allow me to discard my food minus the smell. You should try it...

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