Thursday, January 6, 2011

3 types of Christians...

I rarely write outrightly about faith upfront, believing that it's a personal choice but this got me thinking and going... 3 types of Christians, part of an article by Thomas Lee Seng Hock, linked here.

The 3 types are the Introvert Conservative, the Health and Wealth Charismatics and the Radical Non Conformist.

I grew up in Christian community. Even though my grandparents came with the wave of immigrants brought in by the missionaries to Sitiawan, we were not brought up with any particular religious affliation. My mom came from a staunch Buddhist background but she didn't stop me from following my neighbour to Sunday School when I was a kid. Later I would join the Youth Group. The reason was simple, she saw the church as a good influence on us and it was.

In time I made the decision myself to become a Christian. My parents had no objection even when I decided to get baptized. My home church was blessed enough to have good pastors (Daniel Lim, Hwa Chien) during my time. They made sure we knew our Bible and I am grateful for that. MYF too had a good structure of Bible Studies. Camps were uplifting times. Year end holidays and festivities provided opportunities for fellowship and many of the friendship bonds built those years have remained till this day.

There were moments when I doubted my faith, especially in my uni days. I searched and read; the Quran, Hindu and Buddhist texts... I've read many. In the end I returned to my faith.

So what type of Christian am I?? Being the first type means I watch out for myself only. I agree with the author... there are many of these. Being the second type means I must have this feel-good and 'feel-high' factor in order to remain faithful; also many. The third type is probably what the writer is implying we should be.

I am conservative too but at the same time I also do not take things seated down. But to be a complete Type 3, that's a calling many of us find difficult to be. Too much flak which rocks our comfort zone.

In the case of the aides of the PM asking the church he was going to visit to remove the crucifixes... I think I'd rather not have him visit at all. But church leaders will comply. We prefer to please man, sometimes knowingly but sometimes without realizing it.

Anyway, Najib and his 1Malaysia.... it it's true then it will be lined up with the many of our policies which are along the line of cakap tak serupa bikin. And if true and he were to put against the test of the nilai murni of toleransi as we're so fond of doing at school (quantifying the unquantifiable through Pendidikan Moral), he'd definitely score a FAIL!

So, how to have 1Malaysia when even he, the PM does not have the nilai toleransi? But this is Bolehland, where everything can be spun off for political mileage... either way.

Anyway, this is just food for thought.... and reflection.


Dino said...

If the PM was a Christain, and he visits a mosque or a temple, would he ask that the mosque or temple not pray or chant in their own ways?

I remember being in MYF and was told that i cannot visit temples because its bad for me and that if other younger Christian sees me there, it won't be good.

My opinion is that, if the level of ones faith is so pathetic that a visit to another religious organization can shatter ones faith, one is pretty darn hopeless.

AJ7 said...

If it's a personal choice to or not to visit a temple/mosque/church etc...

But if you are a leader, that choice sometimes may not be so clear... Malaysia is a multi-racial country. If you are a PM of such a country, then you are called to be a responsible leader. If you are invited, then obviously you should go...

It's just like the arguments about eating food offered to idols.

I remember being taught not to go to temples if I have a choice but I also remember being taught that if my parents are Buddhist (example) and they want me to go to the temple, I should go, they are my parents. I should honour them. But it doesn't mean I have to pray there. That's what I remember....


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