Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Postcard Killers... by James Patterson

I started this in 2010. LOL! Two years to read a book! My first book for the year. It's an easy ready, gory and grotesque cos there were lots of killing in it, by a deranged set of siblings with incestuous relationship.

I was mainly bored when I picked up the book (ipod), not realizing that there was going to be so many murders in it. But the psyche behind it was rather intriguing.

The deranged siblings left a trail of dead couples they befriended all over Europe. And they send postcards to newspapers with gory pictures of their victims, bodies arranged in such a way to represent a famous work of art in the respective cities that they were murdered.

The hero is a NYPD cop whose daughter was a victim. And of course there is a heroine also. The ending was rather predictable though; lose one daughter, gained his meaning in life back through his sidekick in solving the murders.

As usual, Patterson's book is entertaining, a nice read for a lazy Saturday afternoon... but after I finished the book, we mowed our lawn.... 8). 49 is the number to reach, I wonder whether I'll go beyond that this year.

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