Sunday, January 8, 2012


Delicious... that's the name of the place, another one of those makan places in Straits Quay. We have not been there for a while. We had actually wanted to go to this Bulgarian restaurant in Tanjung Bungah but it wasn't opened when we got there. So we ended up here...


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Straits Quay has 'matured' a bit since our last visit, well at least the berthing area. It used to be empty. Imagine this as your parking lot! Kinda nice to be able to walk out from your apartment and hop onto one of these and go for a ride along the coast.

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Anyway, Delicious is a restaurant with a simple but nice decor. The first sight that greeted us when we got in was a fridge full of tempting looking deserts. The place was quite full when we got there as it was lunch time. I thought that augured well for us. What is popular can't go very wrong.

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I ordered their pan fried cod on ratatouille... wanted to find out how ratatouille tasted like ever since I watched the animated movie some time back. The cod was okay. But I've tasted better ones. I like the taste of cod but this one didn't have that 'lemak' taste that I like. Just 10 sen short of RM50, I am not sure if I will come back for this.


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We also tried their 3-tiered grill mix of chicken breast, mutton, beef, sausages and salad. Mutton was my favorite. It was tender and succulent. The beef was just okay. This comes at RM99.90. Serving was good enough for two big eaters.

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Salad was light and nice. We liked the salad dressing.

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Onion soup baked with cheese and bread. It was soothing. I think being extra hungry made it all the more enjoyable, especially for Daughter and I; since it was the starter.

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Tried this for desert, Applicious Pie. All of us agreed that that pie 'crust' was nice. Actually, the crust tasted more like bread than the usual tart crust. And that made it nice.

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This is the other desert, Maple Walnut Tart. Every bite of the tart had walnuts. Both came with ice-creams which as usual goes well down well with the pie and tart. Both were more than enough for us. 

One thing I noticed after paying the bill was the taxes... eating out at such places also means paying a hefty service and government tax. I think the service tax is fine. The government tax? Our personal tax structure is still rather high.... and dining out like this reminds me that Inflation is everywhere and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. These days we pay more for less, we may earn more but it translates to very little real purchasing power. And that perhaps is also indication that the modern economic models have failed us.... and an indication too that the powers that are not doing a good job.

As for Delicious, the restaurant... I think they offer a menu with a different 'nomenclature' than the norm. Food is okay, not exceptional as in they really stand out but alright. It's still a good experience, though. The view of the sea is really nice.

And one more thing... this is the first post where everything is done from my iPad and iPhone. Quite cool.


Thomas C B Chua said...

It is excellent to see you blogging again. Guess must have got over the mumbo jumbo of the new academic year.We did a lot of restaurants in NZ, and after the exchange rate the cost per meal ala carte is still higher there. So, eat on.

May you have a better academic year dealing with your charges.

AJ7 said...

The mind has been rather tired... and I have other commitments which have been sapping the brain juices...


Time flies... that's when days are filled with things to do. 24 hours feel rather short now but some day, I guess 24 hours in a day will...