Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This Journey

Life is a journey.... what sort of journey we make it to be depends on so many factors. Like every physical journey that we are so familiar with, this journey into life contains its own sets of adventures, discoveries and often feelings which borders both euphoria and  sadness. 

Imagine walking on this path where you are joined by many others like you. Everyone walking on this same path and its byways but all leading to the same destination. And along the way, sometimes you form partnerships, bonds, groups... these help you as you move long but while you may walk together, that journey still has to be completed by everyone. No quitting.

Sometimes journeying together, there is great fun. But sometimes you get the opposite. When our boy was very young, going places with him was fun. There was always something new and interesting to share with him. You see, we had gone quite a bit of our own journeys when we had him. There was just so much we wanted to share with him. Then as the moods swings of the teens dawned, it became a little more difficult. But we've stuck by him... Weathered some storms with him... and the journeying is still going on. Families are supposed to do that, stay together... be that support. Friends too, if they're the right ones, on this path in our journey of life.

Then as I looked around... I see too each of us trying to find our relevance. This thought came to me this morning..... No matter how much relevance we try to find in our lives... Many are actually irrelevant. Even the word irrelevance is only 2 alphabets away from relevance. All that seeking, be it via wealth, fame, recognition,  authority, etc, etc... they become irrelevant eventually. The why is quite obvious.

So what is relevant? I guess it's squarely to the Philosopher's words.... to remember our Creator at all times, to enjoy our journey so that we won't say that we've not lived. Relationships.... everything else will come to naught... be they possessions, youth, beauty, might....can't seem to think of anything that remains relevant in the end except for the relationships that we have in the end.


Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ 7 why so philosophical? Life is only a tragedy if we get old too soon and wise too late. All life is an experiment! It is an onion, you peel it layer by layer and sometime you cry!

AJ7 said...

Tis not meant as a tragedy. Realize that very often, we miss out on what is truly important... which are the people around us.

Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ7, you are right again. We keep picking up stones when we already have diamonds.


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