Saturday, January 14, 2012

Queens Food Market

This is at Queensbay Mall in Penang. This food market offers a range of food, mostly which you can find at hawker stalls. I guess it's supposed to provide hawker dining in a mall setting... away from the hot sun and humid feel.

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Chuk with yu-tiao, or porridge with yu-char-kway. Actually it's more of a broth than porridge. It's always nice to have yu-char-kway dipped into chuk. It's that sort of meal that is both light and soothing; not so heavy on the stomach. It's actually more suitable for breakfast but I had it for lunch.

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Other Half's hot plate noodles. These noodles are prepared factory line style. Everything is prepared, all one needs to do is just throw everything onto the hot plate, wait for the required time and you have a meal ready. Taste is consistent.

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Dry wanton mee. For RM3, I added the wanton dish to the order. The wanton had chilli paste on it. Taste wise it takes some getting used to. The mee was rather dry, a little extra gravy would have made a lot of difference.

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Always the curry fan, this was Son's order. The food looked appetizing enough. But Son said it wasn't spicy at all. The curry was not spectacular, he said the potato was too soft for his liking. But I think it would have suited me.... one man's food is another's poison. LOL!

A weekend out.... of a week that has felt like an exceedingly long one for us all.

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