Monday, January 30, 2012

Mysore Curry House

One more food post.... 8)

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I noticed this place while renovation was ongoing end of last year. Wanted to go when they opened but with school term starting and Chinese New Year just around the corner, we just couldn't find the time. But today, after all the celebrations and the tiredness which is still hanging around, dinner was here. The place is located along Jalan Pegawai, in two of the 'not-so-new-now'shop houses.

It was empty when we arrived. I guess maybe due to one festivity just winding down and school starting, everyone is trying to get into the normal routine. So eating outlets are not so busy.

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They had this vegetarian banana leaf rice restaurant opening offer at RM5.60. All of us had that but I ordered their chicken and mutton masala. The waitress didn't show us the menu, which I thought they should. We just didn't know what else there was to order. Food is just okay, not spectacular. I've taken better. I wasn't bowled over by the flavours. Anyway, I think Alor Setar might not be ready for such an outlet. This is still a place where 'nasi kandar' reigns, even though I think they are preposterously priced these days. Bro recently had nasi kandar and he was shocked that one piece of chicken and some vegetables with the rice came up to RM12! I generally steer clear of it nasi kandar these days cos I don't want get shocked by their prices anymore.

I hope the restaurant can survive here. It'd be nice to have different kinds of restaurant offering different types of food. Right now, it's hard to find dining experiences other than the local tastes here, unless you count the franchised ones. But this is Alor Setar, where perceptions of food is still rather colored along ethnic lines.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

It's different in KL. Go to a curry house and everyone's tucking in, fingers and all! Generally I go for the veg'coz it is cheaper. A favourite of mine is the Temple of Fine Arts in Brickfields where you pay what you like for the veg meals. Great service by dedicated volunteers, ambience and good food.

AJ7 said...

Yup! KL is different. It's more cosmopolitan and because of that there is diversity that is more easily embraced. I like the choices one is able to discover in places like KL and Penang. 8) Though not the traffic and air. LOL!

Thomas C B Chua said...

AJ 7, thanks for smelling out the place and reported.
Better Half and I dropped in and lunched today.The place is clean with some ambiance. The waiters/resses could afford a smile or two. There is quantity but not that spicy to be categorized as an Indian restaurant. It does not leave the spicy aroma at your finger tips or on your breath.

You are right. I also hope that it could survive. Folks here rather stretch out their necks long for the Mamaks to cut. If you have to go Mamaks, leave the prawns and "sotong" out. As for me, I stopped doing Mamaks for ages.

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