Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pasta Mania

Now, if you call a place Pasta Mania it's only fair to expect great pasta, since the signage gives an impression of a place which specializes in pasta. We've walked past this place quite often in our forays to Gurney Plaza in Penang. Somehow we never did stopped by. However, this time around, we were quite tired and wanted to go home as soon as possible. As we didn't fancy any of the outlets at the makan area on the ground floor, we decided to give the place a try.

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Son was still thinking about the Carbonara that he had missed at Vintage Bulgaria and when he saw Carbonara on the menu, he immediately ordered it. The place wasn't as busy as the other eating outlets nearby and after taking a few mouthfuls, I could see why.

The carbonara was heavy, it tasted like it came from the can or bottle. The turkey bacon and other stuff in it didn't taste fresh enough. I actually found some of them chewy.... but there was a generous amount of meats. one can only take a few mouthfuls before giving up. 

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Daughter and I each ordered their set meals. Each was supposed to come with fried chicken. One look at the fried chicken when her order came told me that they were over fried. And true enough, the chicken pieces were hard and dry. The spaghetti wasn't spectacular. The soup came with the set meal. It wasn't too bad.... taken hot. But once it cools down, it gets a little gooey, I think.

I ordered a different set from Daughter's but the spaghetti that was supposed to come never did. Instead, I got another Carbonara... I didn't send it back as I had already waited rather long and everyone else had almost finished their food. Service is poor. The waiters got confused even though the outlet was the least busiest there. 

The saving grace for Pasta Mania was their pizza. I guess that's one dish that can't go very wrong, especially a thin crust pizza. Overall, this place disappoints. By the way, food was served on plastic plates, not quite befitting of their facade..... As for the 2 spaghetti orders, I think the ones that I can cook up in my own kitchen probably taste better.

Pasta Mania... Well, it certainly didn't create any mania in me (or all of us for that matter) for their pasta offerings. Been going round eating quite a bit lately... think we'll give this food escapades a short break. Anyway, Saturday classes beckons too, first term exams, and a season of exam results beckons too....

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