Monday, June 18, 2012

Blogging and Change...

Blogging is actually good exercise for the brain. It makes you think and process your thoughts. And in the process you are often forced to reflect, in other words one is forced to put to use the 3 domains of learning - psychomotor, affetive and cognitive. Of course the latter 2 will emerge more refined from repeated blogging exercise. Writing is easy if you are used to it but down right hard if you have not been squeezing the juice out from your gray matter. So it helps to keep your mind sharp because when you write you analyze, synthesize and produce. Creative flow is one of many outcomes, as a result.

Blogging is good too because it helps us remember. One night as we were walking along Gurney Drive with Son rambling about eating ribs, I told Other Half that we had visited one of the ribs restaurants at Gurney. He had no recollection whatsoever of our visit. When we got back to the hotel, I checked my blog and true enough we did visit the Chicago Rib House quite some time back. Sometimes I am reminded of the good times I had, friends lost, moments and trips when I take a trip back into time via my blog. Memories can be altered as time goes by but we can recapture some of those moments again via writings done at the time of those moments.

I have learned too that blogging can change the world... well, maybe not spectaculary but it can have an impact. It creates awareness, allows us to share our experiences and rant. Even 9-year-olds can have an impact, as did this little girl who blogged about her school lunches. And her blog not only changed the composition of school lunches but also raised enough funds fo build a kitchen in a country far from her homeland. Check out her blog... Never Seconds.

Boy! Could we do with such kind of impact in our school canteens in Malaysia. The food that our kids eat at our school canteens are not only fattening but not balanced. Sometimes, I think canteen food contribute too to the problem of obesity in out young, cos they're mostly high in carbo. Vegetables and fruits are hardly ever seen.

In the aftermath if Bersih 3.0, the blogospere was filled with articles of individual experiences. It was mind numbing in the sense that you cannot no longer contain information or determine their form factor. So while there may be efforts to misinformed, generally the truth usually prevails. Blogging is more of a sharing of personal experiences. Because of that, it's easier for the reader to identify or even sympathize.

Blogging and change... change happens at different fronts, the personal as well as the public spheres. And I think that is good for us.


All things beautiful said...

Talking about ribs... remember our Penang trip with the Thompsons?... went for ribs at Chasers along Gurney Drive?...& it rained?... & we had to walk back to our hotel? :-)

AJ7 said...

Yup! My kids still remember too. Boy says that was the best ribs he's had. Lol!


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