Friday, June 8, 2012


Haven't done a makan-makan for some time. This is at Gurney Paragon Mall. I think it's supposed to be an American restaurant. We actually wanted to eat the hawker centre at the Esplanade but it was packed. Also, the night was humid and we didn't need much encouragement to walk back into the cool comfort of the air-con. We walked around and ended up here cos Son wanted ribs.

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These days Penang seems very much alive. The place was still quite packed with people. The empty space just outside the mall were parked with neat rows of differet models of VW cars.

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This is their wine shelves..

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I ordered their Waldorf Salad. It had apples, lettuce, walnuts with mayo as dressing. Traditional Waldorf Salad contains celery but I think I didn't taste any of them. This particular salad could do with more walnuts I feel, to give it more oomph! But generally, I find myself gravitating towards salads these days....

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Their bacon meatballs. Was quite disappointed with them actually. The sauce didn't seem to go very well with it and I couldn't seem to smell the bacon on the meatballs. We had actually wanted their sauteed mushroom and Sausage Platter but apparently they were out by the time we arrived.

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Chilli Cheese Nachos... not enough cheese on the nachos, my gal commented. I ended up eating most of this order cos Other Half was having some pain problem with his tooth while Daughter pinched from her bro. Son said my chilli taste better. How not to, when all they want is luncheon meat and I put generous amounts of that into my chilli with all the other usual stuff. 8)

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Son's order - Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs or Sticky Bones, their signature dish. I took a bit and found it to be okay. It was a good thing that we ordered half a slab instead if the full one. We were quite full by then.

The night was still humid when we walked back to our hotel. The roads were packed with cars and it was also Euro Cup night. There were plenty of people were still milling around when Son and Other Half went down at midnight.

Penang has actually become quite a nice place for holiday of late, though I think there are way too many cars on the road now. It's cleaner, the city looked vibrant as we approached it from the bridge. The change of state government seems to have given it a new lease of life.


Anonymous said...

AJ7, your political affiliation shows but then it is the truth and truth cannot be hidden. "I will follow you." ( remember the song ?) I will order the "Sticky bones" !!!

AJ7 said...

My political affliations? I will go where there is good, just like good food. Aren't we all supposed to be that? Equity, justice, etc, etc.... A good meal, or at least a reasonable good meal leaves a good or reasonably okay feel..... 8)

PreciousPearl said...

makan is always good :-D

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