Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lunch on A Saturday...

Been meaning to do this for a couple of weeks but something always came up... or I forget.

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Grilling our lunch! 8) I was given this mini electril grill by a friend but have not used it till now. So, this morning, we went to market and bought some stuff for lunch. Chicken, brinjal, pineapple, capsicum, long beans and okra. Kids did not like the brinjal, which meant that the adults had to finish them. Grilled pineapples are delicious though.

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Salad... we're in a salad mode these days. This had a whole load if stuff in it, baby romaine, red and green coral , apple, pineapple, jackfruit, blueberry, strawberry, honey tomatoes, zucchini, walnut, raisins, a dash of maple syrup and some other stuff. Dressing was a mix of French dressing and Heinz Salad dressing. And we threw in the leftover from the grill - chicken and capsicum into it. It made good pre-dinner with some muesli fruit and nut cereal thrown in! 8) Have to eat more healthily. This morning I bumped into a friend who told me that she needs to go for a triple bypass. And she's only a few years older than me. 8(

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Found the grill to be quite useful. Cleaning is easy as the oil and juices all flow into the container which can be easily washed. Not much 'splashing' of oil takes place too as the cover can be closed for quicker cooking. The plate itself just needs a few good wipes and it's clean. Good for small family meals, especially with my kids who are small eaters. Might do ribs if we are up to it one of these days.

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Thomas C B Chua said...

Eating healthy food all along the way could be dangerous, too. You have nothing to die of in your very old age !!!!!!!

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