Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yoghurt... Smiles Frozen

A couple of years ago, I remember a yoghurt craze among some of my friends. But to have yoghurt back then meant making your own. It was quite easy, I remember. You just throw in your existing yoghurt culture into the milk, throw in some stuff - sugar, etc. And you have yogurt. You keep restocking by repeating the process over and over again.

These days, yoghurt has gone commercial. You get outlets specializing in yoghurts only and they are now served like ice-creams. They are not cheap, too! Even in Alor Setar there is now a yoghurt outlet called Smiles Frozen which is located in a row if shophouses fronting Lencongan Barat near Tesco Mergong.

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It's a DIY yoghurt ice cream shop. You decide how much you want, from the yoghurt.... and there are a few flavours to choose from...

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...right down to the types and amount of topping you want. And there're plenty to choose from.

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But remember, you pay based on the weight. At Smiles Frozen it's RM0.49 per 10g. Two cups like this can easily set you back RM35 or more!

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This is from another yoghurt outlet... Tutti Frutti. There is one in Jitra, at the Jitra Mall. Tutti Frutti is slightly pricier, 10g at RM0.53.

I am not a yoghurt fan but I found that I can actually get used to it, mainly because of the toppings. I also feel the yoghurt from Tutti Frutti is creamier. I have also found out that the types of toppings differ outlet to outlet even for the same franchise. So in some outlets, you might find only only sweet and processed stuff which means that the health benefits of the yoghurt are negated by the toppings. LOL!I like the choices of toppings available at Smiles in AS - sunflower seeds and other nuts. They seem to go well with yoghurt. Can be lunch.

Our tastes and preferences can change with times... today it's yoghurt, yesterday it was bubble tea, who knows what tomorrow will bring....


Thomas C B Chua said...

Did you mean RM35??

AJ7 said...

Yup, one friend spent almost RM60 for 3 persons!

Pipeco Syahmie said...

I spent rm20 for pink cup..But not too delicious as i heard.. :D

Thomas C B Chua said...

Once bitten twice shy. It is over priced. Tks for your posting. We did it as sparingly as possible and yet it came to RM15.00 per cup!!

AJ7 said...

Lol! You tried? But at least can say you have tried. Try bringing your own goodies.... pack them into small packs and dump them in after you have bought them, especially the nuts. 8)


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